New desecrate mechanic : can we still use the combo to pull and silence?

So since this update :

It says that now the effects are only at the time of the cast.

Now what about the interaction of this and the pull ?
Will the enenmy be pulled and silenced at the same time when desecrate is cast or is the silence “check” happening after the pull and thus the enemy pulled wouldn’t be silenced since it happens after the pull ?

In other words are the pull and silence considered to be happening at the same time or one after the other ?


What you are describing is the exact broken thing that everyone was abusing and that the developers fixed in the patch. If it still works then the patch was a complete failure in trying to reign her in.

How is that broken ???
Wasn’t it made to work together ?

I mean you do have to invest 2 different Helix points for that combo, it certainly isn’t a free wildcard.

Yeah it still works

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They are silenced at pull, but if they step out of desecrate, it goes away


That’s fine like this I think.

It’s not broken at all. If you’re close enough for the pull to actually work and nab someone towards you, they’re pretty much at the edge of desecrate’s range anyways. a few steps out and they don’t get pulled in.

What they were trying to stop was people running in to try to challenge her right to beat up on minion waves after its cast and getting silenced because it stays there for a while and any melee running in to help is at a huge disadvantage. #holyrunonsentencebatman

If they aren’t the ones pulled in, melee allies can now run into the descreate without getting silenced and unleash skills to bail out Galilea’s original target(s)

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