New dialog between ISIC and Phoebe?

Doing a team run Advanced just now and there was a very funny lengthily dialog between ISIC and Phoebe.
Is it new?

I’d gotten in the beta once. I think these lines just have a chance of occurring and aren’t guaranteed.


Is this in the Algorithm? Phoebe and El Dragon have several dialogue things in that level.

In the first map just before you fight the snow minions. after Geoff.

Is it the one where ISIC bums out Phoebe by saying all that depressing stuff about how their reality was made to cause them pain and suffering? That’s been there since open beta.

I’ve found different maps have certian character dialog, Wolf Sentry dosnt ask about what your doing after the mission if your use Gal but he will make up for it by talking directly to her when he reaches the door, There have been a couple of others i can’t remember but i love it makes it fun to try new people.