New DLC announcement at PAX

From this morning (Feb 19 2020)
" We’re coming to PAX East with some big announcements, including the reveal of Borderlands 3’s second campaign DLC!

Watch live at Thursday, Feb 27 at 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT!"

And I’m betting (I’ll even lay odds) that we get another level cap increase with this. Would be a little odd to give us a new campaign to just play at lvl 53.


There will be no lvl cap increase with this dlc.

On the other hand dlc will be about Jakobs…
(It’s a guess but with “wedding invitation” being held to players…)


Jakobs returns? :grin:

I’m actually surprised the ‘Wedding Invitation’ wasn’t a shotgun…

Anyway, looking forward to the PAX stream.


3 to 2 odds currently that there will be a cap increase.
How much eridium are you willing to wager that there won’t be?

I’d wager my current 3500 Eridium that there is no level increase.

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Aww I was hoping we get to meet some of the other manufacturers. I really hope they make an appearance, I really want to know more about Tediore, Vladof, and also what happen with katagawa’s sister will she take over maliwan now?

It was odd to give us a level cap raise of 3 to begin with, and the given explanation as to why (balance concerns and build homogeneity) makes me think that they’re reluctant to raise the cap again. Unless they’ve said something in the past few days that refutes what was said in the last Borderlands Show, I don’t think there’s any evidence that they’d raise the cap again so soon.


Given some of the… code oddities… in this game, maybe it was SUPPOSED to be a shotgun and the fact that it’s a sniper slipped through “QA” (cough)

I look forward to a textual breakdown of the pertinent information that doesn’t require several minutes of mentally masticating a blithering video.

Also: I hope you’re right about the level cap.

My bets is it will be B team related. Currently more levels would require significant balancing Next level cap will probably be with DLC 3. They have said they are looking into other ways to scale the players rather than levels/skill points.

I’m calling it now we’re getting a Pangolin DLC with Gaige.

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More like significant bug fixing. GBX legit had a health sliders for enemies to beef them up as they see fit and it takes them no effort to do it. That is why M4 was up and working so easily. Seeing as GBX uses the community to beta test there updates I don’t see why the can’t just start doing 3 more levels with each patch.

Sorry a but if sarcasm there at the end but honestly the real problem is the negative feedback they would get by having the every stinking list of people still playing by doing 2 level increases extremely close together.

I will admit the main reason they would haft to work on balancing is due to top end builds becoming vastly stronger then lower end builds. Sadly GBX started digging that hole when they made some Capstones S tire and some D tire.

All in. My 47k of it.

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Given that they are planning on expanding the current charecters, and their concerns are about build homogeneity, I think their plans for the charecters’ expansion will be released before, or alongside, the next level cap raise.

Yup or entirely replaced by a com in the case of Zane. The 1+ extra points would just be QoL for Zane. The other three could really ramp up with the two skills. Though like you said this would create basically one build for each character with some minor tweaks here and there.