New DLC As An Individual Purchase

The first DLC is out today, and would really like to play it, however it looks as though you have to buy a Season Pass for £39.99 to access it, does anyone know if it is possible to just purchase this DLC by itself, without buying Season Pass. Don’t want all the extra crap that comes with the Pass and might decide not to play the other 3 that you apparently get for the price of the pass.

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They said you can buy individually. So my guess is that the individual pricing will be available when the Dlc goes live.

It is live now. It is $14.99 USD on PSN.

It’s nice to know you have it. However it is not live for everybody and the official Twitter post says 9:00am PST which is 6 hours from now. So it could be a while before the rest of us have it available.

PSN tends to update at midnight. That is when I downloaded it from Sony.

That’s great, but it’s not available in the UK yet, will keep looking.

Of they said 9am pt that is 5 almost hours from now. I live in Pacific time.

12 noon est