New dlc is amazing thanks 2k aus and gearbox

I cant believe how much fun it is. And its so damn challenging on uvhm. Which i love. Its such a unique and well done dlc. And adds so much to the game. If anyone complains about lack of bosses or endgame now they have a problem. I love all the new gear, enemies, bosses, and new mobbing areas. And the customizeable arena is amazing.

I too have so far enjoyed this DLC. Its unique funny and so far seems to have a fair amount of activities to do. I’m only a few hours in though.

This DLC feels more like the humor I’m familiar with from BL2 rather than TPS off humor.

I’m playing in true vault hunter mode and its been quite a challenge for me, lot of enemies mobbing the crap out of you.

DAMN YOU!!! one more hour of work then an hour drive home. longest 2 hours in a long time!

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Wait till u play on uvhm

This certainely makes up for the Holodome DLC. And I think I found another Claptrap I really like (which is rare).

Yea they did such a great job with this. It really adds so much to this game

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I’m not even halfway through the DLC (atleast, it feels like there are still alot of quests coming up) and I have to agree.

Love the part were you see the the miniature Claptrap (3go-TP or something he was named, not sure) popping up on your HUD, too small to fit the whole window.

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