New DLC items for trade and updated wishlist

lucky 7 (prefer STNL cryo)
cryo ion laser (STNL cryo)
cryo kyb’s worth (STNL cryo)
Maggie (accuracy during barrier)
shock cutsman (prefer STNL cryo)
fire cutsman* (prefer STNL cryo)
corrosive cutsman* (prefer STNL cryo)
icebreaker victory rush or otto idol with smg dmg
elemental projector with smg dmg
Redistributors* (any type preferably with STNL cryo annointment)
Electric Banjo* artifact with dmg
It’s Piss / Recurring Cryo or Shock or Corrosive Hex / Vindicator Ghast Call with on grenade thrown annointment
Stop-Gap or Transformer or Re-charger with stnl move speed annointment
if you don’t have any of these link your lists and we’ll work something out

NEW DLC ITEMS for trade:
Lucky 7 (airborne accuracy and handling)
fire/rad Ion Laser (ASE 100)
Heart Breaker (cryo ASE cryo, shock sliding dmg, fire STNL fire rate/reload, cryo ASE melee dmg, shock exiting IB reload speed/handling)
Nukem (below 25%)
Creamer x2 (ASE cryo)
Craps (ASE corrosive, STNL cryo, phaseslam 300, airborne dmg, cryo barrier accuracy and crit, cryo ASE lifesteal, corrosive ASE named, fire ASE weapon effect dmg and chance)
Cheap Tips (cryo attack comand life steal, exiting IB next 3 mags reload/handling, STNL cryo, shock sliding dmg)
fire ION CANNON (ASE fire, barrier status effect chance)
shock ION CANNON (ase shock, phasecast 250, barrier status effect chance)
rad ION CANNON (gamma burst, ase 100, digiclone swap 130)
cryo ION CANNON (phaseslam 300, exiting IB IB cdr)
corrosive ION CANNON (ase named enemies)
Seein’ Dead:
atlas fire rate, jacobs reload, pistol dmg
smg dmg, pistol dmg, vladof dmg
splash dmg radius, heavy dmg, torgue reload
weapon dmg, corrosive resistance, hyperion fire rate
hyperion crit dmg, pistol dmg, action skill cdr
weapon handling, grenade capacity, grenade dmg
jacobs crit, jacobs reload, maliwan fire rate
shotgun dmg, grenade dmg, tediore reload
jacobs reload, hyperion crit dmg, mag size
jacobs crit, weapon accuracy, health regen
hyperion reload, smg dmg, torgue dmg
jacobs crits, jacobs reload, shield recharge delay
fire rate, reload, fire resist (+4 Donnybrook)
Golden Rule:
weapon dmg, smg dmg, dahl crit dmg
weapon crit dmg, vladof fire rate, jacobs crit dmg
weapon dmg, mag size, reload
weapon fire rate, handling, mag size (+5 helping hands)
jacobs crit, jacobs reload, health regen
torgue weapon dmg, shotgun dmg, smg dmg
grenade dmg, smg dmg, maliwan weapon accuracy
dahl crit dmg, smg dmg, vladof weapon dmg
Green Monster:
weapon crit dmg, weapon dmg, pistol dmg
maliwan reload, maliwan fire rate, jacobs accuracy (+5 the iron bank)

Older Items:
fire Foursum (exiting IB - IB cdr)
fire Hellshock (barrier increased status chance)
Maggie (5% dmg on kill, below 25% health)
corrosive Breeder (slide dmg)
Superball (ASE splash dmg, ASE 100)
cryo Baby Maker (increased fire rate/reload with STNL)
corrosive Baby Maker (ASE weapon effect dmg/chance)
Bangarang (shock with ASE shock dmg, STNL cryo)
Infinity (ASE named enemies)
fire Nemesis (airborne dmg)
corrosive Nemesis (consecutive hits)
AAA (extra charge of Rakk)
Unforgiven (ASE named enemies, consecutive hits, below 25% health)
Duc (airborne dmg)
Gunerang (STNL cryo, fire STNL cryo, increased fire rate/reload with STNL)
Companion (STNL cryo)
Thunderball fists (STNL cryo)
Flood (STNL cryo)
Devastator (gamma burst)
Night Hawkn (accuracy/crit with Barrier, ASE named enemies)
Crossroad (shock with ASE cryo dmg, corrosive terror dmg/fire rate)
Handsome Jackhammer (STNL cryo, shock below 25% health, fire airborne dmg, corrosive sliding dmg)
cryo/rad Kyb’s Worth (digiclone ammo regen)
Bitch (cryo reload after digiclone swap, corrosive slide dmg, exiting IB fire rate/crit)
cryo/rad Devoted (Phaseslam 300)
Long Musket (5% dmg on kill)
Spinner (fire/rad STNL cryo, rad/cryo extra charge of Rakk)
Cutsman (corrosive ASE named enemies, fire digiclone ammo regen)
Sleeping Giant (fire gamma burst, 5% dmg on kill, airborne dmg)
Hyperfocus (ASE 100, exiting IB IB cdr)
Ten Gallon (ASE 100, STNL cryo)
Lucian’s call (cryo ASE weapon accuracy, corrosive increased fire/reload w/STNL)
Breath of the Dying (ASE corrosive dmg)
Laser Sploder (fire STNL cryo, cryo ASE cryo dmg)
Carrier (below 25% health)
cryo Kaos (airborne dmg)
Barrage (gamma burst)
Alchemist (sliding dmg)
cryo Shredifier (ASE melee dmg)
fire Embrace the Pain (barrier increased status chance)
Gatling Gun (barrier increased accuracy/handling, Phaseslam 300, Fade Away increased accuracy/handling)
shock Rowan’s Call (below 25% health)
Try-bolt (airborne dmg)
Warlord (STNL cryo)
Sickle (STNL cryo)
Dictator (rad airborne dmg, cryo barrier status effect chance, Phasecast 250)
Faisar (cryo STNL cryo)
cryo Bearcat (barrier status effect chance)
Brainstormer (STNL cryo, redundant dmg after swap)
Trevonator (cryo/shock below 25% health, x6 cryo/shock ASE named enemies, fire/corrosive ASE 100, cryo/shock Phaseslam 300)
redundant Face-Puncher (sliding dmg, STNL fire rate/reload)
Polybius (fire STNL cryo, corrosive below 25% health, rad 5% dmg per kill)
Killothewisp (consecutive hits)
Conference Call (cryo airborne dmg, 5% dmg per kill, barrier accuracy and crit)
Wave (heat sliding dmg, sliding dmg)
Lob (cryo, 5% dmg per kill)
Hellwalker (sliding dmg, reload speed/handling exiting IB)
Flakker (Phaseslam 300)
Scourge (cryo Phasecast status effect chance, sliding fire rate)
Tunguska (5% dmg per kill)
Jericho (annexed ASE fire rate/reload, STNL cryo)
corrosive Tankman’s (STNL cryo)
Woodblocker (rad ASE dmg and chance, shock STNL cryo)
Monocle (ASE 100, Phasecast 250, Phaseslam 300)
ASMD (STNL cryo, ASE 125 splash)
Malak’s Bane (fire barrier effect chance)
Lyuda (STNL cryo)
Firestorm (barrier effect chance)
Storm (STNL cryo)
Berner (ASE corrosive, extra Rakk, ASE shock, ASE cryo, phasegrasp novas, barrier instant shield recharge)
WTF (ASE action skill cdr, ASE rad)
Red Card (ASE corrosive)
Ward (STNL lifesteal with terror)
Rectifier (nova exiting Fade Away, ASE shock, digiclone 3hps)
Stop-Gap (ASE 30 dmg return x2, ASE corrosive, nova exiting Fade Away)
Big Boom Blaster (STNL move speed, ASE corrosive)
Impaler (ASE cryo)
Re-router (Phasegrasp novas)
Back Ham (STNL move speed, Phasegrasp terror skulls, ASE corrosive)
Rough Rider (nova exiting IB, ASE fire, STNL move speed)
Re-charger (Phaseslam 200 melee, ASE shock, phasegrasp novas)
Transformer (extra Rakk)
Black Hole (STNL move speed, extra charge of Rakk)
Mirv Hex (shock ASE rad)
Quasar (sticky ASE cryo)
generator Trans-Fusion (cryo ASE corrosive, corrosive ASE cryo)
singularity Firestorm (ASE rad)
spring Epicenter (ASE cryo)
Quasar (25% on throw)
Moxxi’s Bouncing pair (ASE shock)
Epicenter (ASE corrosive, ASE cryo, ASE cryo)
Storm Front (ASE cryo)
Nagata (ASS grenade regen, ASE fire)
Hunter-seeker (25% on throw)
Red Queen (IB taking dmg chance to spawn grenade, ASE shock)
Widowmaker (ASE shock)
shock MIRV-tacular Hex
corrosive Power Siphon Trans
Recurring Hex (cryo, shock)
Rain Firestorm x2
fire MIRV Widowmaker
Hunter-Seeker 1286 cryo eff
ASK FOR SPECIFIC mods/artifacts (some notable: Insomniac Dragon +5 Restless, Breaker +5 Jab cross)

No anointment, but I’m sitting on a (blue) one if you’re interested.

Wouldn’t say no to a radiation MIRV Hex or the Nemesis.

edit (checks Tediore stash): Is this the Tediore thing you’re after? How’s that cryo/barrier Tankman sound?

without an annointment i’d really prefer at least a purple one

Ok… I’m still looking for a purple one myself (have Host, Elderblast, and Interloper in purple, but no Protuberance yet).

edit - found a (non-anointed) Vindicator Ghast Call (knew one of my guys had one). How’s that Tediore above look?

yep that’s the one but I made a mistake in my original post and edited it. I need corrosive or rad - already have shock

Vindicator Ghast Call?

have one?

I do!

Do you have any antifreezecoms, cold warrior (with 5 synchronicity and decent passives)?

name what you want and what’s your epic id

no +5 synchro for sure, plenty of decent passives - what do you have for trade?

Adabiviak - I’ll send it once I see the friend request.

A grenade for a grenade seems fair: your radiation MIRV Hex?

edit - what’s your handle? I got a friend request that doesn’t look familiar, and don’t want to send it to the wrong person.

Epic ID is ShouganI (captial letter i)

Request sent!


  • Cold Warrior = 2 Ready for action, 3 Synchroncity, +25% weapon damage, -19% shield recharge delay, +20% shock resistance
  • Cold Warrior = 1 Syncronicity, 3 Ready for Action, 1 Trick of the Lights, +25% weapon damage, 31% SMG Damage, +10% atlas weapon damage
  • Executor = 1 Good Misfortune, 1 Violent Violence, 3 Playing Dirty, +25% weapon damage, +45% jakobs weapon critical damage, +31% shotgun damage
  • Victory Rush Ice Breaker = cryo efficiency +50%, damage vs frozon targets +35%, +17% shotgun damage, +1666 max shield, +26% weapon accuracy
  • vindicator ghast call no anoint
  • Everblast (Purple) Corrosive = After exiting iron bear, the next 2 magazines will have 10% increased fire rate and 20% crit damage, Mirv x4 and homing
  • Everblast (Purple) Radiation = Mirv x4 and homing
  • Lucians Call = Cryo While SNTNL is active, gain 50% of damage as cryo damage
  • Maggie = Non Ele While SNTNL is active, gain 50% of damage as cryo damage
    I also have a perfect cutpurse but its a deathless so not sure if you are interested in that

Heads up, theres no purple protuberences

MIRV hex sent tyvm

no antifreezes
my cold warriors are:
synchro+2 torgue reload shotgun dmg hyperion weapon dmg
synchro +3 jacobs critical, weapon reload, dahl fire rate
synchro +2 weapon dmg, shield capacity, malawan reload
synchro +2 jacobs accuracy, shotgun dmg, jacobs reload

sent over the rad mirv hex enjoy :slight_smile:

apparently there are no purple protuberances so if you need something else for your blue one let me know