New DLC : Juno look alike

Am I the only one having the strange sentiment that Juno is just Eista without a beard?

I can’t say she reminds me of Eista off top, but her appearance in general threw me. They could most definitely be from the same planet. With the name Juno I was expecting Ava stature.

Glad it wasn’t just me who saw the similarities, the hair and clothing definitely rang a bell. Looking at pics side by side, there are a fair number of differences, but I could see them being from the same planet.

Who knows, maybe they are related in some way?

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Kind of?

Though I was thrown off by the the voice. I don’t feel as though it fits.

Am I the only one thinking, she would be the first transgender in borderlands?

Is she actually? Or is she just a masculine woman?


I’m like… 85% sure the title of “First Transgender” actually goes to Lorelei, who’s pre-transition. It’s hinted at through an echo you can find and the fact that Lorelei’s addressed as “Sir” by the soldiers. Though I have no idea if Lorelei would be a transmale, or nonbinary like the VA.

As for Juno, I haven’t seen any official indication of her being trans, so I think she’s just a masculine woman.

But hey, it’s fiction. She could be, I suppose.

I think she’s probably related to a Neanderthal.


id say that this one story boss in the hot bath arena looks like eista

There are (were?) no military terms for ranks for women. Maybe that’s why.

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There are, you say “mam.” It’s sir or mam when you address an officer as opposed to when you address enlisted. You address enlisted by rate, rank, and name. Lorelei could be addressed as mam, but the soldiers don’t do so, instead addressing her as sir. As for proof of Lorelei being the first transgender character, just look up her echo. She talks about making the transition. She hasn’t made the transition yet, but plans to do so once things settle on Promethea. That’s what her echo implies at least.


Ah yes, I misunderstood. I meant ranks in particular.

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Personally, I think Juno looks like T Hawk from Street Fighter.

I felt like she was an asset they wanted to use in Love and Tentacles, but didn’t have a place for, so they reused the character model. I think it was also meant to highlight the comedic difference between Juno & Titus, as would-be rivals.

Juno has inuit type apparel, or at least indigenous, which fits either planet. It seems that they opted to go more Nordic in Hammerlocks DLC. Most every other character in Bounty of Blood has an Western meets Asian style.

No. Never crossed my mind until I saw this thread. She is just very masculine. And huge.