New DLC make cap LV raise, why dont make SDU raise too

can GB make SDU keep raising up when the cap LV raising too, like DLC.

may be three or some others figure. as u raise the LV, as well NPC raise too, so do ammo to be needed to kill them too. so why don’t raise the SDU with the raising of new cap LV


Why u need that? I’m like sold everythin after lvl cap increase and i had almost 300 useless pieces of gear in there. Now it’s free for new guns of my level. Try out new dlc guns, don’t think about old ones too much, nothing matters anymore at this point, they’ll be constantly increasing level cap, so it’s much better just to have fun and goof around

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To do something with money?

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i didn’t read the new update log , just expect if there was some new stuffs added to the game(i didn’t collect all weapon and stuffs , if there was a total numbe of them).
u may need a bigger stash or vault .

although weapon damage may raised too( new LV gun), i am not a fan of this series, just using the experience of others farming game, so that why i ask or demand the same request. however , whatever it will change, increasing SDU with new cap LV should be reasonable, esp if there was something added to the game in any new cap LV or updates, for an example, i like to collect all gun each

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money have many ways to spend, like trying new or others stuff( bomb etc) , guns etc. to see the effect of the entries. so spending of plenty of cash isn’t the reaon for that.

Money is useless once you upgrade all SDUs.
You don’t need money to try new stuff, and if you don’t die a lot you have plenty of it, waiting for anything.

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I think this is a reasonable request. If they’re going to keep adding new gear in the DLCs, our bank space should go up as well, even if it’s only by another 20 slots or so each time.

It’s bad enough that they added Bank SDUs that I’ll probably never be able to get.

We need more bank space and backpack space!

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u didn’t use bomb and different shield, if u do, u find , excerpt a good shield with the best entries, u would not keep this stuff in the vault or backpack, so money isn’t useless, just u didn’t know how to use it effiiciently. that why they place many bomb and shielf in these machine, as u didn’t hold it, but constantly buy and use them to try different mixs