New DLC, no dmg

I played the Tentacle dlc and i have no problem killing monsters etc on chaos 10. I upgraded all my gear to Chaos 10 gear too. Now i started the new dlc and i cant kill anything. Can someone tell me what they did this time… im getting tired of this

Try re-rolling your modifiers, or make sure you have hotfixes applied. I don’t know of any VH that is particularly weak atm.

What’s your build?

Maybe an issue with your build or the modifiers. Some of them can badly cripple your damage output.

it was my bad, i went to a destroyed planet and thought it was the dlc. Found the right quest this time.

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The Guardian Takedown? Yeah, that one’s a lot tougher.

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BoooooOOOIII lmao

Ouchie. Yeah, Guardian Takedown would be a bit of a surprise if you were expecting DLC3!

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