New DLC & OP10 Balance?

Hello Borderlands community,

we are all lovers of the game I’m sure and this topic is quite controversial but here I am bringing it up. After completing the new DLC on OP10 (didnt get to OP10 legit if you’re wondering) my fears came true, it feels like balance has been thrown out of the window when it comes to adding OP levels.

I played as Krieg, first I tried the typical FotFH(Flame of the Fire Hawk) and Blood Bath for damage, everything was going ok but as an epileptic I cant stand the FotFH for too long so I decided to go melee, it was a disaster and yes I understand my melee damage is level 80 and the enemies are 10 levels ahead it just shouldn’t be that way.

Overall the DLC was great, loved the story, a few moments had me laughing hysterically, the animation in the cut scenes were fantastic but the balance was terrible. The extra OP levels aren’t needed, I understand that they’re optional but at OP10 there are less viable builds and to me borderlands is all about builds, they’re so personal so when you take away viability the game becomes less fun.

I fear that borderlands 3 will inevitably take the same route adding unnecessary difficulty for the sake of content. Whats the point in having all the different weapons and skills if they continue to make them less viable. By no means do I want everything to be a norfleet or beehawk, I hate using those because they’re no fun to me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that adding content that limits the way you can play in counter intuitive.

Thanks for trying to read through my awful rambling just had to get it off my chest.

Anywho, I’m going to play with each character and see if I missed something or if I was wrong but I’m interested if anybody else feels this way?


You could set your OP level to lower levels then farm again. But I think that’s a problem. Effectively, you go from OP 8 to OP 0 just to survive then farm again to go achieve OP 10.

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I don’t think you’re necessarily wrong, but I think that what you’re talking about was a problem with a cap of 72 and the original OP system, essentially I’m saying that this changes very little except health levels and available skill points. I think the pertinent piece of information that most folks kind of skip over is that the OP levels are now and always were optional. You don’t have to run the Peak if you don’t want to. I did it, but am generally happy playing at 72, so all of my second generation toons stay there. The OP levels were added because there were folks who wanted more of a challenge, and however you feel about them they certainly delivered a challenge. As for killing diversity, when you ramp up the difficulty by any means, not just the ways the OP levels did it, you encourage min/maxing and people to use ways to maximize DPS. There usually aren’t huge amounts of ways to do that, so only a few techniques/builds/gears are left standing. If you want variety stay at max level, if you want to be frustrated and pigeonholed go for the OP levels. You’re not wrong, but this but here

is somewhat misleading, because the content being added isn’t required unless you feel it is. And if you do choose to engage that content it’s on you. No one said it would be easy, so it’s not like you were lied to.

TL;DR: The OP levels are optional. You’re not wrong about how it limits play, but no one is forcing you to play it. Do you and have fun. If it isn’t fun don’t do it.


Having completed the dlc at level 75 and with much farming left to do September is not that far away.I’ve had alot of fun and challenges over the past 7 years.With that said I agree have fun and it’ll keep me occupied till Bl3


I’m not talking about farming, my gear is perfect. Almost as if by magic a PC player has perfect gear if you catch my drift.

I don’t intend to refarm anything so I’m not planning on ever attempting to op10
If I did, tho, I imagine it would just be more of a slog for melee/element builds than op8 was

The age old arguement haha. I somewhat get that they’re optional, I also somewhat disagree with OP levels comes a new challenge almost arena and as a huge fan of the franchise I feel obligated to play through it as I want to play all of the content. So in that sense OP levels are messed up.

On the other hand I can obviously lower them whenever I want so yeah I have that control to my game, I will however say that I have always played on the highest difficulty and feel obligated to do so but that’s me, like you said nobody is forcing me.

I guess I’m just upset that I finally have to choose between having fun and lowering the difficulty, in my eyes that’s not a choice I should have to make the game should be balanced both challenging and varied.

Difficulty should be added by behaviours more than numbers in my opinion.

Anyway thanks for a long thought out reply!

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Yeah it is a 'slog" haha, I’m sure melee zero will be up to the task though.

I’m not sure how much of a challenge you’re looking for if

I mean, I do catch your drift, but I thought the challenge came from unlocking the OP levels and hoping RNGsus would give you the gear/parts combinations you’re looking for. I’m not knocking it, I think if it were an option for me (I’m on console, so even if it is an option it’s probably more trouble than I’m willing to go to.) that once I started I’d be so deep down that rabbit hole I’d never find my way back out. And once you’re down there I get the impression that very little is beyond your reach. But if you have the ability to change the world of the game then what exactly is there to be unhappy with that you couldn’t change? This is sort of forbidden ground for the forum, so we probably shouldn’t go any further, but you see my point? If you’re already playing outside of the parameters the game set for you what does it matter how imbalanced it is?


You’d be surprised, once you start playing with those forbidden magics the game becomes so much more fun. I played console for years only recently got a PC and boy it’s great.

Anyway to answer your question yeah it does matter how unbalanced it is, sure you could argue I could shamfleet my way through and it would be easy as can be but where’s the fun? I want every character to feel different, if I’m shamfleeting/beehawking and using the grog to heal then the characters are just too similar you know? They all heal the same way, (moxxi) and all do damage the same way.

I appreciate the challenge but it shouldn’t come at the expense of variety, I understand min/maxing but it shouldn’t be essential.

Not what I’m suggesting. I’m saying that if you can, and are willing to, alter the game world to fit your definition of balance, why does it matter if it’s flawed in the first place? You can fix it. This is just one of those things that I think would make more sense coming from me, a console peasant, than any given member of the PC master race. But again, do you and if it isn’t fun don’t do it.



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I do have a question. Is the New Borderlands 2 DLC available for consoles, and if so has anyone been able to confirm whether or not it works for PS3? Not outside of this I welcome this DLC and level cap increase entirely! Those extra 8 skill points alone make me excited. I LOVE this game and any addition to it, especially this late in the life cycle I can enjoy. It will be interesting how this will affect the current status of the game. As far as balancing issues, I hope they release another patch to address them if they even do exist. I feel like it’s kind of premature to determine if there’s really a balancing issue vs. just a learning curve with dealing with this new difficulty. Well let the testing and research begin.

Yes. Downloaded and installed it to my new PS4

I don’t know but I suspect not. The PS app didn’t have a button for me to download to my PS3. I’ll check again right now.

Edit: It’s not listed under the PS3 section. I suspect it may be related to the fact that BL3 won’t be released for the last generation consoles.

Of course it won’t be for the previous generation :rage:! Yet another reason I despise this most recent gen of consoles and the upcoming one. It’s cool though. I can still enjoy from the sidelines like I used to before I had internet. Either way I really appreciate you checking that out for me. Thanks again. Also how is the “balancing” addressed for this recent DLC? Do you think it’s balanced?

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I started a boosted Krieg (level 30) and started the DLC, essentially just the first mission. It feels about right to me. The gear wasn’t what I would’ve wanted so it was a little rough for a minute, but I think if I had my preferred setup it would’ve been just right. I’ll know more when I get a little further along or import one of my higher level characters from PS3 to really get into it with.


Im upset too…and Im on console. No fix for me and Im DEFINITELY not spending months of time dashboarding and refarming all dem gears. Matching grip Rustlers Orphan Maker. Hawks. Pimps. Fibbers. Hails. Not to mention things like Carnage(w Torgue site). Perfect part shields…Not fun. No way Im doing that again. l’ll play the dlc and finally retire from BL2. Something I thought I’d never say but this is too much for me.

Really though, I know Im in the small percent and they need to cater to the most but dang.


That sounds about right. I’m not eager to push through the peak again, or farm for forever gear again. I’ll leave the game installed, and if I get the itch I’ll scratch it, but I sincerely doubt that I’ll be dumping another couple of thousand hours into it.


I’m in this boat too. It took me forever to get sets of fibber/sandhawks/hails, not to mention the twister, Cobra, hide of terra, and much more that I’ve literally spent years collecting.
I love bl2, it’s my favorite game of the last decade, but I simply don’t love it enough to spend another 5 years getting back where I was.
This definitely puts a sour taste on my tongue heading into bl3


I know this is probably not a popular opinion but you could just forget OP levels and continue to play at 80? You dont really get to do op1-8 1-10 without refarming but you can cap out at 80 and play that way? That’s the way I’m going to go from now on. I simply dont feel the need to farm up to op8 just for the challenge of op 10. To refarm again. I’ve refarmed since 50 and 61 and 72 then op8 at 72. Kinda done rolling dice I’ll wait for bl3 to do that again. Need the extra challenge? Can still jump it up as desired. Just cant lower it with higher level gear like op8 gear playing at op3 etc.