New DLC PS Download Issues

Why is the new DLC not available on PS4 if you have the disc version of the game?


Would very much like the answer to this as I have a physical copy that it’s not showing up in and it’s absolutely ridiculous.


If you launch the game and go into the “Downloadable Content” menu, does anything show up there?

As some one this is affecting the only thing showing up is ps4 pro texture pack.

No, there’s just the texture pack. I can see the DLC on the PSN store, but it’s unavailable.

HD textures and the Commander Lilith DLC are showing up when selecting Downloadable Content in game. Both say not installed. Pressing x on either takes me to the PlayStation Store where it says both are installed. They then don’t show up at the fast travel in game and there’s no option to create a boosted character


Also having problems with this, the new dlc isn’t available due to me having disc and it doesn’t show on the downloadable content, I have fully updated ps4 and borderlands handsome collection, even attempted to increase my op level and it stated that I needed to progress my character to level 80.

the only apparent solution at the moment seems to be downloading the digital copy, which is free for ps plus. Its frustrating but the only solution right now.

That’s problematic due to me not having ps plus. I really don’t feel like paying $100 just to obtain this dlc

I’ll give the community manager a heads up on this thread. Meanwhile, I would recommend everyone experiencing this issue to file a support ticket.

This apparently is how the new system works. You have to get your character to level 80 and then do the extra OP levels. There’s a long thread about this in the BL2 section.

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Hi, I have the disc version of the game but it won’t let me download the dlc from the psn store because it says I don’t own the game

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i have handsome collection on disc on ps4 and it is saying unavailable for purchase with no download button. i don’t have ps+

why can’t i get this?


I have the same problem

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Its only availbe with Ps+

Can’t download it on my ps4 it says i don’t have the handsome jack collection wtf :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I actually have this weird thing where I have downloaded the DLC for the handsome collection but I can’t play the DLC anyone know how to fix the problem.

I have the same proble

Since BL THC is on ps + it thinks you don’t own it unless you add the ps + version to your library too.

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Cheers. Sorted!!!

i have the new dlc installed but it says its not downloaded on ps4?!?!