New DLC PS Download Issues

Unfortunately i don’t. is there any other way?

Contact Sony support.

I have the same problem.
Do you know how to fix it so I can download it?

I also have the exact same problem, physical copy, no current ps plus and don’t really wanna get it just for this but may have to if it comes to it. I emailed Playstaion support last night still waiting on a reply… if anyone get updated let us know


The only way is to contact support. Sony is responsible for PSS and only they can fix this issue.
I have both, physical and digital copy and for me all the downloads works ok.

I have the exact same issue

Merged you into the main thread for this issue. Please see possible causes and workarounds listed above. I would also suggest contacting Sony support, since this appears to be more of a licensing issue.

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that seems like the old system picking up where it left off, get to max level then add op

Sort of, except you carry over any original OP unlocks. So you you had a character level 72 and OP 8, then got them to level 80, they’d only have two extra OP levels to unlock to hit max stats.

Hello, just got it working
First thing you need is PS plus,then if you have B2 handsome Jack not in digital but physical copy go to the B2 handsome Jack on PS plus and add to your library, done, now you can go to commander lilth download page and now it will be available for download
Hope this helps

Hello, you need PS plus, then go to the store, open B2 handsome Jack, add it to your library, then the DLC will be available for download :+1:

Which is fantastically stupid. Not everyone has PS Plus and I’m pretty sure anyone who doesn’t isn’t going to pay for it so they can download what was supposed to be a free DLC. If you wanted people to pay for it, just put a direct price on it, don’t make people jump through multiple pay gates to get to their “free” DLC.


It appears to be a licensing problem. Gearbox are aware of the issue and will almost be certainly working with Sony to resolve it as soon as possible. You may want to keep an eye on the official Borderlands Twitter feed for an update.

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Hey Guys!
If you’re still having an issue installing the new DLC, try re-installing The Handsome Collection and update it to the latest patch after restarting the console. It should show properly and you should be able to play the game!

If you’re still having an issue after doing that, please submit a support ticket to!

So I am having the same issue as everyone above because a have a physical copy, it’s alright seeing as I got the dlc on pc but for some reason I can’t make a new character and skip it to level 30 which has been stated, psn need to sort their stuff out :roll_eyes:

I have the issue where I have downloaded the digital version of the game for free from the PS Plus deal(I had the disc version before) but neither the UHD Pack nor the new DLC show as “downloaded” when I go to look at my DLC and they also do not show up in game. 2K Support mentioned that this was a known issue that was being worked on. Is that true? I literally cannot play the new DLC nor have I been able to play the game in 4K since that update released in April. Please help!


To jump to level 30, you should be able to go into “Select Character” and scroll down - the option should be listed there. IOW don’t simply select “New Game” at the main menu.

Is your issue on PlayStation or another platform?
Also, the level 30 characters are on the Select Character screen.

I’ll check on this for you. Do you have a support ticket number?

I do! My previous one was #4206659 and my current one which I just opened to follow up is #4339410. The first was from back in April and the latest one from a couple of days ago. Thank you so much! I hope to play the new content soon.