New DLC Quest Epics and Anoints?

I have been told that the new Quest rewards do not come anointed…yet I physically got one in game play that was.

Not a trade…or acquired through a friend…in a chest in Vestige. Final chest after killing the final boss.

It had the friggin slide anoint…but it was anointed.

The Dakota. (Which is powerful as hell BTW).

Does anybody know for certainty what quest rewards can drop with anointments?

Most of them can’t be anointed. I would need to check my bank to confirm which can. Dakota can be anointed, I’ve got ASE 100% wpn dmg on my first playthrough.

It’s only a few that can’t be but I don’t know which ones. I think the Peashooter might be one of them

Anyone have any other thoughts on anointed epic gear from DLC 3? The Dakota, the two grenade mods and the Icebreaker were anointed. All other purple items were MH10, but not anointed (peashooter, chalice, bubble blaster, the beast, the splinter)–anyone get anointed versions of any of those?