New dlc what time

What time can I dl the dlc in the UK

There’s a game update that needs to be installed along with the DLC2 download. So my guess is, whatever time you would normally see an update available - probably the evening of Thursday 26th in your case? It’s possible that Sony and MS might have the DLC available for download before then (they’ve sometimes had them available late Weds. US time) but you still wouldn’t be able to play until you had the update.

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Around 4pm gmt.

9 am pt according to the official borderlands 3 twitter (which, as GrzesPL already pointed out is 4 PM Greenwich time).
it is however not specified exactly if this is an exact date or if this means “It will be out until then” as seen in the past.

Ah wishful thinking then of starting dl at 1 second past midnight then xD

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