New Dominance shown and a possible oversight on it

The new skill trees are up on the official skill tree page

So you can see the new 4th skill trees but you can also notice that Dominance description has been changed and it’s gained some new stuff.

This all looks kind of nice but there’s one problem with it. With the current one you can override your current Dominance and it would seem that is still a thing with the new one, or at least there’s nothing pointing that it wouldn’t still happen.

So let’s assume I enter battle, Dominate one enemy with ADS and proceed to take aim at another enemy with the intention of killing. I’m just going to override my original Dominance then. Not to mention if you really wanted ranged Dominance you could just slot in a Facepuncer to begin with.

If they’ve made it so that having an enemy dominated means you can’t dominate another one until the effect ends, either due to time or due to the original enemy dying, great. If they haven’t, then that kinda needs to happen or else the skill is just going to be obnoxiously clunky to use.

I do like the addition of radiation nova at the end of it and enemies being more likely to attack the dominated target assuming it’s going to work well enough.

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Aww… could definitely Dominate multiple enemies at once; looks like they traded safe, easy Dominations for only being able to ally one at a time. Seriously though - if they touched that code, maybe they un■■■■ed the pet behavior towards these allies. This isn’t live until November 10?

Unrelated - I had to manually censor that… weird that the forum didn’t pick up the cuss word in there. :thinking:

They should add “if the enemy is a beast or a robot…”.

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On a sidenote looking through the trees I noticed that

  • Hive Mind is giving the pet extra damage after absorbing damage from Fl4k
  • Barbaric Yawp has been nerfed from 40 % per point to 20 % per point multiplier to pet effects
  • Furious Attack gains slightly more pet damage per stack (0.6% to 1 %) EDIT: Nevermind, it still seems to cap at 3 % per stack at 5/5.

If you want mass Domination you might wanna check out one of the augments for Fl4k’s 4th action skill

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I bet that they just didn’t update that skill since the buff to it. There’s more skills with not updated descriptions, iirc.


It seems to me that the rework to Dominance was based at least partially off of community suggestions in the various Dominance threads we have created here (and I am sure in other various forums as well). Read through this thread and some others for insight.

It seems to have taken a while for the devs to catch up, but I don’t think anyone can say that GBX is not trying to listen to us.


I don’t know how I feel about it honestly still seems like a waste of a skill point. I mean Fl4k still has better tools like red fang and its definitely not worth it because its so far down the blue tree and its normally not worth going that far because blue tree is still subpar and ain’t worth investing that much into it maybe if it was moved to the middle maybe more people would use it but, I just don’t see any1 besides I guess Adabiviak might pick it up but until we get our hands on the some of the new changes to the blue tree and purple tree can’t say for sure.

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Did you see Lazy’s video on it? The taunt is really strong.

You could actually use other COMs for Gamma builds now, which would be an insane DPS boost for them.


The problem I have with the blue tree well dominance is not its strength per se but the investment in the blue tree itself the point of the blue tree at least from what I believe is to increase the strength of your pet but our pets doing enough damage to Warrant that investment is what I’m getting at.

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We’ll have to see how purple tree changes that, but Blue has always been more about the V1 damage and BY anyway.

The change to Dominance is also an indirect DPS increase for any build going down blue because you don’t need to spend gear on defense. Gamma builds can use Bounty Hunter/Cosmic Stalker COMs, and Rakk builds wouldn’t need ASA shields and could use elemental ASE. For Rakk builds the difference won’t too great imo since they have great tools for survivability and one more won’t be earthshattering, but for Gamma builds the potential is insane! Red Fang has no FL4K damage buffs, so being able to go from that COM to BH/CS means you can really supercharge your damage.


Whats v1 damage?

I don’t think I said that. Just trying to point out a possible flaw in it’s execution in hopes that it won’t be there when i goes live.

Nope, I wasn’t aware that there’s footage out of something that’s not here yet.
The enemies did seem to get very interested in that taunted guy instead of Fl4k so that definitely looks good now. Reserving final judgement on that for when I can see a bit more of it and try it out myself.

My main concern here is simply that a taunted enemy stay taunted until the effect ends or they die. The only thing I want here is that ADS shots to different enemies don’t override and remove the original dominance.
I think that it wasn’t happening in that clip so that’s promising but it’s hard to say for sure.


Thanks really helps put things into perspective I am really might end up redownloading bl3 at this rate probably when mayhem 11 drops. I guess the final concern is gamma burst’s usefulness without red fang its just there to proc annoints but I guess for that all we can do is wait and see how purple tree effects that huh?

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Yeah, pretty much.

Atomic Aroma will be useful for utility since it can crit though, so Gamma has that going for it.


@Lammas Nothing I said was directed at you. I was just trying to point out that GBX clearly is listening. We might not always like the execution, but the devs obviously are taking community input into account.

The point was to encourage everyone to continue providing constructive criticism where appropriate.


If they really nerfed Barbaric Yawp, it’s probably because of the new pets passives, who have very high numbers (20% shields, 30% elemental reduction, 12% fire rate), but this nerf will hurt the old pets waaaay more than the new ones.

If BY did get reduced because of Loader, perhaps just buff older pets passives.


they need it anyway tbh

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