New Duplicate Gear Auto-equip Workaround

I don’t know if this is already common knowledge, but since I couldn’t find any information about a workaround here, I figured I would post this just in case.

Ever have that issue when you get a new piece of gear that’s a duplicate of one that’s already in one of your loadouts, it automatically equips the newest one in the original’s place?

It turns out what you can do (and the easiest method I’ve found so far) is sort your bank by newest gear, sell the duplicate(s) equipped, then move off the gear tab. When you try to, a pop up will ask if you want to save your loadouts. If you select “No”, it will revert your loadouts back to how they were with the original gear (at least that’s what happened in my experience), so no having to re-equip gear or sifting through to delete the original unequipped items.

I hope this helps some people out.


Thanks, I’ve been noticing this but didn’t understand what was happening. Good idea.

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