New elemental explosion annointment could be gamebreaking

Like title says I’m posting it with fl4k because of some ideas I had and changes he received. ZKarma put a vid out breaking down the annointment and when he said gun damage increases tick damage and the fact that the hits have to be crits I thought omfg this could be a AMAZING stack bot annointment and actually be better than the 200%one.
Now sadly I havnt tested it yet and maybe someone else can while I’m at work but I’m def gunna test it for myself when I’m home

Here is video explaining the annointment. My thought is use a stackbot. Use green and red build with 3 points in blue.
Gorillas in the mist and unblinking eye fade away. Stop gap with the activate break effect annointment for survivability.
Weapon anythi ng with high status effect damage and chance like cutsman and especially something like a insider.
PROFIT. Anyway just my thoughts idk if anyone has thought of this before or even if the annointment works from fake crits like fade away but if it does… even if it doesnt i think the gun damage boost is nuts and trying to land true crits in fadeaway could yield results.

I thought Cutsman doesn’t crit with Fade Away bodyshots? I don’t know if it’s been fixed, but I believe back in November that was a thing.

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Never heard of that butthere are still other guns like insider and hell shock and I think lob crits in fade awya right

I want to find a Rowan’s Call with this annoint, critsplosions all day.

Once they fix the Storm that should be amazing too.

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Because rowans call has very low status damage it wont do much tbh

OMFG THANKS FOR REMINDING ME!!! So glad I have some good ones waiting in my bank lol

Yeah but if you could get 10 explosions per second at 10k a piece, that’s 100k/second vs 1 per second at 100k. I bet the math would be similar between a LOT of lesser explosions vs fewer bigger ones. I’m more of a quantity over quality guy lol

Gotta remember the explosions are NOT guaranteed it’s still a chance to explode per crit and the chance it explodes is based off of the status effect chance so you wouldnt get as many explosions as u think on a rowans call since it’s like what only a 13%chance or so

Now using a hell shock u literally get 2 shots that do 7500 status effect and 40%apply chance. That’s the exact stats of mine btw.
I got around 250k explosions when not matching elements to health type

Yeah, but the swarm of projectiles that thing produces procs 13% in about 1/4 second. If you’re running multiple elements the DoT’s are rainbows.

Just saying the annointment is not as good as others if the weapon has very low status damage. Since you could easily be doing better static damage with a consecutive or 100%ase or even the 200%and if you run rakks then the rakk annointment is better

I’m sure the best guns for this annointment are of course maliwan stuff. Like trev even and insider with x10 for higher chance to make it activate and hellshock for sure

Recursion would probably be redonk.

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Hmm probably. I would love to see if this new annointment makea something like the trevonator useful it would actually bring a tear to my eye. RIP trev

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A Brainstormer (or the new corrosive variant, the Reflux - which I have not gotten yet) with this anointment could be very, very good.

Nope it has very low status damage actually. The lowerthe status damage the worse the annointment is.
But you know what gun I had a friend test that’s absolutely BUSTED. The trevonator omfg. Did the math and if the one he had was with the right annointment the novas would be doing 240k PER BULLET. That’s a huge chance to get 720k dude. The effect chance on it was 40 this was also without a old god and without ase effects

I thought the annointment you guys are talking about is a moze annointment?

It says moze but it’s not her annointment. Pretty sure that’s a error since we see other characters being able to use it.

Check the vid I linked guys doing it with amara