New Emotes and issues.....please fix

So I have been having some really crap issues with your game and I am really getting fed up with it. Its the ONLY game that does this. when my son and I play together in COOP we have all kinds of disconnect issues. If he joins me my char goes offline all the time and vice versa. WTF is going on . I have checked everything and nothing at my end.

I would also like to make a point of saying that as fun as the new DLC was to play I have noticed that no matter what class mods or artifacts or whatever build I use I see no difference. The odd time i notice a DMG increase on my end then all of a sudden it disappears. I think you need to really look into making stuff work properly.

ALSO…I received a new emote today called MARRY ME…guess what …it didnt show up on any of my characters. As usual your gifts are broken. And I can also say that playing solo is totally pointless…my drop rates for legendarys goes up by 100 times when i play with my kids but guess what I cant do that cause we disconnect all the time.

Please fix your game ffs. And I want my EMOTE that I supposedly got.