New enemies added?

Did they add in new enemies or something? I recently ran into a Varelsi Skulk Menagerie(which is like a giant skulk made out of other skulks) and a Thrall Jockey(one of those little thralls riding a hoverboard like it was the Green Goblin). Are these rarespawns? I didn’t see them until very recently and both were in The Saboteur. It was definitely a cool WTF moment. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thrall jockey appears once in the entire campaign. Menagerie can appear a few times depending on difficulty, they have a bunch of health but one crit seems to kill them instantly. Oddly enough they both appear w/i a few minutes of each during the Saboteur, before the final defense point.

Yeah it was reallllly weird when I found them too. Awesome kind of weird

I thought it was just my game ■■■■■■■ up when I saw it.

I remember having a similar experience back in Borderlands 2 when I first saw that the raptors could use the surveyors as jetpacks after playing the game for almost 2 years.

The Skulk Menagerie spawns during the final fight of the game, against that one boss that spawns all those floaty black eye things(The Sabotuer boss). After the eye things are killed the skulk will fall from the sky just before the boss does that AOE explosion.

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Same for the drone that shield enemies and the mini Sheperd in Algorythm before Arachnis