New Engine + Old Borderlands

Forgive me if this exists, but having experienced BL3 for the first time, through level 60 and some dabbling with Mayhem Mode, I have arrived at a similar point as I did during my peak love of BL2:

I would really love to see the previous games remade in this new engine at some point. Especially Borderlands (1). The combat mechanics, vehicle controls, map innovations, and teleporting would add so much. Since they Enhanced Edition already retconned the game on the sly (I noticed when they showed it off at PAX last year before release) I say go all out and flesh out all the cut story content that fits.

But I’d also be cool with BL2 and TPS being done in the new engine as well. And I will always petition for a story DLC centered around the next phase in the lives of the main four Vault Hunters. I have a post somewhere around here with my ideas of what I thought would be cool. Or was that in someone’s discord???

Who else would play those games if they were developed and released at standard prices ($60 US)?

My compromise would be a game that takes the Ideas of Digistruct Peak and Claptastic Voyage and would be a game set in a Borderlands Battle Sim that allows you to play as every previous Vault Hunter with all their associated skills, against all the previous enemies, and all new maps, and even maybe have a map designer like Portal 2? Characters could be released in seasons like Tekken and MK have done.

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