New error: Battleborn inventory operation timeout

I can’t login now due to this error.

All connections are good

I’m getting the same error. I’ve been trying to get on the game for several min but keep getting the same error.

I’ve been trying for 30min

Sarcasm: maybe it’s a new meta version of tap and just clicking :slight_smile:

Getting that same error here, any word on what’s going on?

I’ve just now been locked out due to the same reason. Restarted my system. Restarting my internet and hoping for the best.

Glad it’s not just me. Guess we’ll have to wait till it’s sorted.

same here. this is making me depressed by the min. battleborn is my life… lmao! on a serious note, hopefully its just some kind of maintenace and we’ll all be back online in no time!

I appreciate how we all ended up here looking for a solution.

I’m in fellas.

oh wow lol got the same issue as everyone else, also i dont know if everyones facing the same issue on completeing the mission but the rewards aren’t coming in? mines says rank 27 in the menu but 28 in command

edit: fixed!

right? its nice to have a community of players on the same page. haha get it? no? ok… lol

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Got the same problem. And I just bought the game today :frowning:

It’s a widespread issue with no fix.

Supposedly being worked on, for like a week now

idk bout you guys but im back online! peace!

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I’ll check when I’m home. The kid has tae Kwon do so one day he can kick my butt

Just played a match and after it was over it said inventory operation timed out any one know what’s up

I’m in now been like 20 min then it let me in

I’ve looked over the net for this error and it seems to coincide with Server issues on GBX side (a big Duh for me as I should have realized this long ago).

Any way, today GBX stated on Twitter that there was some server issues. Seems like they post issues in different places