New Event Disappointment

I looked forward to this event as others did, in the dedicated Borderlands community. I found it to be disappointing from what was promised.

People won’t remember what you do, or what you say, they will only remember how you make them feel.

I am left feeling disappointed and even slightly turned off with Borderlands 3 in general.

Here are the reasons

  1. There is no new zone as there was in the Halloween event. That alone feels like gearbox didn’t want to put in the effort. This gives a lazy impression.

  2. So far, all my rewards are non-annointed. Non anointed guns at level 53 builds are useless. Receiving a non anointed gun as a reward not only causes disappointment, but this can, and will also cause resentment.
    I may be incorrect, but it already seems a lot of people in the forums were already complaining about this very subject.

Without a new zone, and a lack of satisfaction from the rewards, I ask this question, would you want to play a game that leaves you feeling that way?

I hope this forum serves not to bully or just to complain to Gearbox, but to help make improvements for the future of borderlands, and Gearbox events.


Myself, I am enjoying the event. A new zone would have been nice, but this is a very limited (one week only) event and can understand that.

On my 1st VH, both weapons came anointed. Judging by the trading going on alot of others are getting anointments as well. It is based on RNG which sometimes can hurt and sometimes be awesome.

I find both weapons are very good, much better than I expected for something being made available to everybody for not much work.

These are just my opinions of course, others may vary…


They all can’t be medium to large size holiday events. Imo it’s a decent event the loot hearts are fun to see when hitting one of the Arenas. Having a chance at Halloween legendaries at Max is nice, I’ve gotten a few diff elemental fearmongers. Also to your issue with the loot.
Only the I can say is read only farm them on PC backup farm on console or trade here or one of the few hundred trading groups on discord Reddit etc.


I also had fun on my first run with FL4K and now going through it with Amara. FL4K’s wedding sniper is annointed and using it as a non-aiming shotgun is super fun as it wields all the elements with shots arcing off to other enemies, clearly the most fun I’ve had with a weapon in a long time.

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I don’t mind it, but I don’t love it either.
For me, it’s basically a non-event.
The hearts aren’t aggressive like skulls, they just float around, so I don’t pay them much attention. I kill 'em, but don’t expect much from them.
And the maliwan SMG and a sniper won’t be in my typical load, so don’t much care about them either.
The even is simply a way to lvl all my characters to 53, the heart addition doesn’t mean anything to me.

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My opinion is a little bit opposite of the two points you’d mentioned (If you’d been following threads, I am one of those who don’t favor this level cap increase).

  1. I think at this point I’m used to having “events” with no new zones. For example, “Takedown Scaling” event and “Farm Frenzy” event. I think at this point when GB calls “events”, they don’t really mean new maps or content to explore. I am not sure why events have to be tied with new zones or maps. However, it would be really nice to have new maps to explore.

  2. Most of my rewards in DLC are non-anointed too. So I expect I’d had the same results with future events or DLC. Yes, we know non-anointed drops are less ideal in M4 but I don’t think the items in events needs to be guaranteed anointed. I only care about the anointment if it’s the anoinment I need. Otherwise it’s a useless to me as non-anointed.

Also that’s the purpose of farming, so we can eventually get the anointment we want. However with this event there is no way to refarm the items other than playing around with save files etc.

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Same as OP. Took me a few hours to bring all my characters to 53 while in SS (didn’t even need to finish it) and to farm for a dozen or so new anointed smgs & snipers through save file farming on PS4. Got a few good anointed lvl53 versions of various guns I already had at lvl50 too along the way. But didn’t use them because it just wasn’t necessary.

After that I was once again bored by BL3 because there wasn’t much else to do, except the same 2 to 3 months old stuff. So, very disappointing for me.

I think what’s clear is that players are very hungry for new content - the next DLC, another takedown, new bosses, etc. I’m hopeful it’s all coming although it will never seem fast enough for some. These smaller-scale events, like Broken Hearts and Red Chest, are just appetizers to keep us interested and engaged until the meaty stuff gets here. If nothing else GBX has shown that they are listening to feedback and making adjustments.


I tried dashboard farming my Wedding Invitation and it didnt work. So ive got one pointless accuracy annoitment on my fl4k one and non annoited one on my Amara. If i could dashboard farm it like BL2, i wouldn’t mind this.

Non anointed guns aren’t useless. I have plenty of gear without an anoint and M3 still feels like the only challenge comes from modifiers. Even with most of them still at level 50.

If you’re trying to complain as if everything and everyone should be focused on a solo M4 Takedown, well that’s a problem with personal expectations.


I was a little disappointed by not having a new area and boss, etc. however, given how annoyed myself and others were at the fact that you can’t access Heck now the event has ended, and the fact this event only lasts a week, I understand not adding a new area.
The event itself feels good. I like the hearts and even the occasional ghosts (funny and not common enough to be annoying, plus able to be avoided), though I do wish the Looty Boi hearts had a chance to drop the event SMG and sniper, so you could refarm them. Or, let players complete the 50 & 100 challenges multiple times.
But overall, I like the event. =]


Wedding sniper? Hmmm. Haven’t seen one.

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I don’t mind not having a new zone, but I think limited/one time only/quest rewards really need a way to reroll or better yet, outright gives us the ability to pick the anoint we want on them due to how limited the means of acquiring them are.


You get it when you unlock the last chest during the Heart event.

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I had about 40 to 50 chances for the sniper. And Im still trying to get a ASE 100 Version of it… What have GBX throughed when they decided to give it once per character?

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The event itself I like - if only because when you see a heart you know an enemy is close by it. And I love Maurice, even if I HAVE heard the same thing 300 timew now, lol.

The way the loot is handled - not so much. Fortunately it appears there are… methods… on all platforms to farm them for the anointments you want. But there appears to be no way to save them until the “final” cap raise and accept them then (not sure if that’s been confirmed or not yet though). You will get a level 53 version and you will LIKE IT, MISTER!!!

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I just for the life of me cannot understand why they didn’t make the loot heart have a chance to drop the event weapons. Like, how hard would it have been to work that in? That way, you have the guaranteed weapon from completing the event challenge AND you can actually play the game to farm for the specific anonitment you want. All I’m doing now is spending hour after hour putzing around with my ECHO like a high schooler.

Is read-only farming something Gearbox is okay with?


I don’t know about that tbh, but is there anything they can do about it? For example, I made a back up of my save when I hit 100 hearts, and farmed the heck out of the event to get me some good snipers. I have some to give out for free here if you guys want. But I see it as one of the advantages of playing on PC. If gearbox is ok with or not, who cares really…

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Its not PC exclusive. I did the same thing on my ps4 but I gave up to farm an ASE 100 after about 40 times of downloading my profile. I have a descent ASE 50 cryo now. I will later ask in a community if Someone can share an ASE 100 one with me. This makes Kind of frustraded. If you have only one chance (or maybe two, one on normal and one on thvm. I dont tested it) but then you need more than 40 times to get the one you are looking for. I dont understand why they decided to make it like this.

I have 3 VHs on 53, but only one on thvm. So technically I would have 3-4 chances to get the weapon I need?


Hello everyone,

I read all the replies and I think that I have learned something.

I was surprised and please by the responses.

First, some share my opinion and some don’t, which is both educational and enlightening.
From what I can tell, (& the moderators probably only allowed the clean responses), only 50% shared the same feelings as I do.

Second, everybody in the Borderlands community may not experience the same Borderlands because of platforms; X-Box, PC, Ps4 which is also something I didn’t take into consideration.

Third, I want to thank Gearbox and it’s programmers working Hard in the backround. For all the grief they get, they do one Heck of a fine job.

Thank you everyone for this amazing conversation :slight_smile: