New event Help! :)

With this mayhem event just wondering what is the best way to farm for the anointed weapons? Is it still graveward or is their something else

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Farm what you can kill quickly and easy.
Most of gear is world drop, If you can kill graweward fast you farm him.

If you get tired of farming and can solo slaughter shaft that is also good place for legendary anointed weapons

I farmed last night for over 2 hrs, running a bunch a stuff.

I didnt get a single anointed legendary.

I got epics, blues, greens and whites as anointed.

Out of the 8 or 10 legendary drops, none were anointed.

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You sure your BL3 applied the micropatch? Cause that really seems incredible unlikely.

I got like a 1/3 ratio: 1 out of 3 legendaries was anointed. The legendary drop rate itself seemed untouched.

edit: @Killerkpd

Graveward is a great option to farm solo.

If you want to play with others the arenas are a geat place, too! AFAIK the more palyers in one session, the better the drops for all of them! So this might be even better than farming graveward, atleast when youre doing it as a 4man squad.

I’d recommend: Farm whats most fun to you. Perfect builds is NOT everything :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: @sbarac99

I’ve played the same way for the last 3 weeks worth if events.

It seemed that I was getting anointed loot, just not legendaries.

I reset the game twice and I was inline in mayhem 3. I checked because I thought it was odd I wasnt getting anything.

I’ll try again tonight.

Okay, that really sounds strange.

Be sure to stay in the main menu for like 15 to 30 seconds. This way you can be 100% sure that the patch is applied.

Otherwise: GL hunting, mate! :slight_smile:

I’ve already asked but got no reply…Anyone know if this works in normal mode for this event?

Normal with Mayhem activated, yes. I was playing Normal with Mayhem 3 last night and lots of annointeds dropped.

Frak…I don’t play Mayhem, not even for this, just seems pointless.

From the official event info.

For the duration of the event, players who enable Mayhem Mode will see an increased drop chance for Anointed gear, increased XP gains, and reduced values for various Mayhem Mode penalty modifiers.

So only in Mayhem mode.

Mayhem seems pointless? It’s one of few things that will keep game alive :roll_eyes:

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Meant pointless to me, playing solo in normal mode.
If I play Mayhem I get over leveled gear, those playthroughs then become a mule.
I get the idea of Mayhem for others, just for myself normal playthroughs are more fun.

Playing mayhem will not get you over leveled gear

Max level is 50 in all game modes

You didn’t get it…Normal playthrough is pretty much maxed at level 40 if you consider doing all the side missions. This means if I’m only doing normal playthroughs the gear I get in Mayhem will be over leveled, only accessible to that playthrough. Items you can bank for your next normal playthrough.