New Event Idea: The Mysterious Gun of Santuary III

So, there are three parts to this event. The third part is repeatable.

Part 1 starts when you pick up a mysterious gun outside Moxxi’s on Sanctuary III. It’s pretty weird looking, sort of alien in nature, but you can kind of tell it’s some sort of smaller armament like a pistol or SMG. It doesn’t have any identifying mark by any manufacturer or owner, but it does have a label pasted on it that says “PROTOTYPE - INCOMPLETE.” The latter part is definitely true, as it doesn’t even fire! For this mission, you have to go around to Sanctuary’s notable inhabitants and see if they know anything about it. Nobody does, and since there’s nobody who’s mentioned a missing gun at all, they conclude it must’ve been dropped by a drunken patron who’s probably halfway across the galaxy by now. They suggest you get into contact with representatives of all the different weapon manufacturers and try to get some sort of sweet reward for turning it in.

Part 2 of the mission is just that. You go to Pandora, Promethea, Athenas, and Eden-6 to locate and talk to representatives of all the weapon companies. All of them deny that the gun is associated with their respective company, but offer to “fix it up” for you… if you’ll do some work for them. Finding and talking to all of them unlocks Part 3.

In Part 3, you decide which weapons manufacturer you want to finish work on the prototype, imbuing it with their unique characteristics. In exchange, they send you to a new, event-exclusive planet to do a job for them. The map is a very well-planned city with a central district and a district for each of the manufacturers’ jobs. No matter what the job is, whether it’s a hit job, smuggling supplies, or otherwise, you’ll encounter resistance from the city’s security force (who definitely don’t want a Vault Hunter snooping around these parts!) and the mafiosos who secretly run the town. After you’ve done the task, you return to the representative and get your gun! No need to worry about a big galactic conglomerate having access to whatever freaky tech that gun held… right?

Repeats of the mission would start with you picking up another gun outside Moxxi’s (shhh, don’t question it), then jumping straight into Part 3.

The gun is a unique blue-rarity gun, either a pistol, or a SMG if manufactured by Hyperion (since apparently they don’t make pistols any more?). The gun, of course, primarily takes on the gimmick of the manufacturer, and its appearance changes likewise (although the main base of the gun is the same); for example, getting wood parts for a Jakobs, having an overhead barrel for Atlas, or getting all kinds of messed up for COV. However, the red text effect of the gun is always the same. I’m thinking it would be something cool like: Projectiles penetrate enemies and ricochet off objects in a random direction, dealing increased damage if they then hit an enemy, disappearing after some time. The gun would have decent stats all-around (again, depending on what would qualify as “good” for each manufacturer), and would always spawn with an anointment that would improve all stats by 20% after activating your action skill.

There would also be a handful of legendaries that could drop in the new event area.


Sounds dope bro

This is a nice idea, but nothing new. Destiny 1 did something similar during the Crota expansion. You had to run several quests to upgrade from white to green to blue to purple. To get it to Exotic you had to get a specific drop from the Crota Raid.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea and would be happy to see something similar in BL3. As long as the weapon is actually good to use that is. Nothing worse than jumping through so many hoops and the reward is very underwhelming…

Loved forging Quel’serra and Shadowmourne in WoW, so I’d love to see a long hard quest chain in Borderlands that gets you a guaranteed unique weapon.

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A unique blue gun with a cool effect and stats to rival legendaries, would be epic. Being able to gain different variations of the same gun from each manufacturer would be a brilliant event, too.
My only complaint would be the anointment you suggest, as it wouldn’t work for Moze, so you might need to rethink that a little, but otherwise an awesome idea, that sounds like it could work really well.

I don’t play Destiny, but I imagine the idea of a “build your own gun” works well in a lot of modern shooters. Even BL1 kinda touched on the idea with the missions where you scavenger for gun parts (although you just get a random “regular” gun from those missions).

As for the anointment issue, I’d imagine it would work like a “you get these benefits for X seconds after activating your action skill,” but it could definitely be worked around by having a unique anointment for each Vault Hunter.

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The idea is nice but heck, why not go all the way into a build your own dream weapon. Allow the choices to fine tune the weapon into what you want.

Pistol, shotgun, sniper, whatever type depending on quest choice.

Put the element of you choice within manufacturers abilities.

Get the anoint of choice.

Even have the ability to name that prototype to make it a truly unique weapon for your VH.

One weapon allowed per VH, not tradeable. Have to turn the old one in if you want to redo the quest. That sort of thing.

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Sounds fun. Great idea!:+1:

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