New feature: magnetic Field?

Modder support
Changed the name of the DefenseShield to MagneticField and added new features to it.

So what’s the story on that one?

Sometimes the best defense is a magnetic personality.


I see what you did there.

We’ll cover this shortly - it’s going to be visible very soon, at which point ya’ll can do that thing you do and dig for the good stuff :wink:

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Keeping my eyes peeled!

sounds like something to do with mine fields and missiles

I’m interested, whatever it is.

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I searched all of the updated files for “magnetic” and didn’t see anything new show up

any explanation would be great

My current method of emulating shields is to have multiple subsystems on each ship that have the health regen modifier property and as they are damaged the regen rate is reduced to zero. This give the ship a high ‘shield’ value when it is at maximum health and progressivly lower values as it is damaged. strike craft have the multipler without subsystem. All weapons need to have sphere bursts added to them to make this system work

I use the EMP shield completely independently, as in Warlords ion canons deal EMP and this bypasses shields anyway, the only problem I have is that the EMP recharge rate seems to be fixed in code and if a ship get s a lot of EMP damage (goes very negative) it is out for a LONG time, it would be nice to have a parameter that changes the refresh rate so that some ships could recover quicker

Ideally I have a couple different shield parameters I would like to represent


shieldhitFX,shieldhitSFX,shieldpenetrateFX,shieldpenetrateSFX,power on shader effect, power off shader effect
use ship mesh or use custom collision mesh (I don’t need bubbles for Warlords, but I know many other mods would)


shield hit points
shield hit point regen rate per second
shield hit point regen exponent (if not 1, charges shields slowly at first and then faster up to regen rate or inversly)
minimum damage to penetrate (useful for preventing small ships from doing penetration effects of 1 damage)
shield downtime when damaged (triggers audio message like loss of subsystem)
shield damage to ship when initially <0
shield minimum hit points before on
shield on/off toggle

damage reduction multiplier array in weapons: based on weapon damage vs armor classes, how much damage is reduced per hit, should be able to use existing system and just add additional classes

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So! What we know:

Has anyone had a chance to play with this yet? Are these the shields we’re all salivating for? :yum:

I also see this as potentially playing a part, especially if it’s shield collision meshes sitting on subsystems…

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Essentially, no. The ‘shields’ in this case are spheres, only. But what you are looking for… could be in the cards. It just isn’t there now.

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Well, even just having the torpedoes ignore collision meshes for however long is an important step towards the old “ideal” of a collision mesh on a subsystem. Let us know when you want some discussion around an official shield system for the masses, @EvilleJedi covered the lions share of it above there :smile:

Spheres don’t work too well around triangles, especially very large ones, though f the modifier could be applied to subsystems, then that makes a very interesting use for multiple smaller ones on a ship