New Feature Request - Pay Eridium to Re-Roll Item Bonused

Here is a thought, what if you could pay with Eridium to re-roll the bonus stats on your artifacts and class mods? I don’t suggest all items since that would just turn into an Eridium farming game, but just mods and artifacts.

Just a thought

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There’s been discussion for this for weapons, but not artifacts or class mod yet. But, those have had some… opponents that were quite set in their ways. Maybe if it requires you to pay a ton and maybe kill a boss or something.

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I think the feature would, like you said, need to be a either expensive (I mean, so is dying right?) or require certain things to be gathered/quests to complete.

I think the requirements would have to be something along the lines of:

TVHM Completed
Level 50 (or max when they change it)
$X per roll (X would probably have to be a set amount unlike dying, lets just say $20 million)
Complete 1-2 quests (this might be a stretch with the steep cost of $20 million)

Another idea, would be to reduce the $$ and have it only re-roll 1 of the 3 bonuses, taking away the RNG a little bit.

Hm. I’m not quite sure, I’ve just never really put too much thought in rerolling class mod or artifacts.

I’m interested in the topic of weapon part upgrades, is there a thread?

This, or alternatively they can drop more commonly. I still have not found the class mod with passives I am looking for, same with the artifact.

OR perhaps I can stop getting Zane mods while I am playing Moze.

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Customizable weapons! (for real!)

This was the one that I started, at least.

Just being eridium would be to easy and force you to do boring content(Well that’s all bl3 is atm, hypothetically if the game is fixed). But could do that d3 style where you had to have components from something like repeatable bounty quests .

I think this would be amazing and it’s a feature I was hoping for in BL3 for YEARS. They just need to do something similar to Diablo, where once you reroll a specific piece on a gun (i.e. the barrel or element), the rest of the parts become locked and you can only keep rerolling the piece you originally changed. That way you can’t just keep rerolling an entire weapon to get all perfect pieces once you find the weapon one time.

i would be find with this as long as it’s like 100 eridian. my reasoning, is because there is a lot of stat combinations, and i am not going to grind 1000 eiridian just for a chance at stats.

I too would love to see this feature.
In terms of Costs, its a bit difficult to say, but id suggest it should depend on the Items Quality.

Overall though, i believe a Cost of 100-200 Eridium sounds fine to me, since its only re-rolling the bonus Stats on the Bottom, not the Skills or internal Perks of the Classmod/Artifact itself.

I’d love to reroll annointed or stats on mods/shields. I’ve seen a few of these threads pop up and I’m all for it. A lot of games have a reroll mechanic just because min maxing is so incredibly difficult with such a large list of item possibilities. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for farming, but adding in another use for currently meaningless currency or making a “fetch” quest to allow for rerolls adds another loop that keeps the game interesting and rewarding.

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That is an interesting mechanic that I never thought of. And it would force players to choose which part they want, and may have to reroll it multiple times.

I’m tired of this as well. Why can’t we pick up gear relative to our class. Oh, thats right cuz then they couldn’t force us to play the game longer to find what we want. Granted if they would just fix the freaking loot pool already, I would still play the same amount of time. I would just enjoy playing even more. Imagine that.

Diablo loot 2.0 fixed this, stop dropping stuff for classes I don’t own.

Like why…

-Annointed for your character

Just too many variables and artificially increasing the difficulty by finding 90% of the weapon you need is just crap