New festive enemies (screenshots included/now with new iwa skin)

(Thefaceofboe) #1

I was just doing an UVHM run and was at the quest to collect human brains for the rocket. The respawning troops where the holiday design! I like the way the look, what do you think

(40pounder ) #2

They are kinda creepy looking to me.

But I guess it’s somewhat festive.

(Thefaceofboe) #3

The Skav Skulls are kinda creepy without the helmets.

(Thefaceofboe) #4

Went to see the new Iwa Screenshot added

(˙pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ uǝǝq sɐɥ ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ ʃɐuosɹǝd ʎW) #5

Is odjurymir fire? Like a baby warrior? Damn hammerlock gets around.

(Russell) #6

I did not see the holiday scavs anywhere.

Are they only in the R&D area?

(Enemy of Thunder) #7

They’re also in Pity’s Fall

(Nope ) #8

He alternates between Cryo and Fire, so he’s more like Pyrocaustic Pete.