New Fl4k build around this mod... Advice?

Got everyone to level 50, but mostly just played Moze. After 250 ish hours with her, I feel it’s time to focus on Fl4k for awhile … Any advice on a build direction…?

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You can’t go wrong with a fade away build based around the maggie and lucky seven. Check out the Luck Norris build

Check that COM out. :dukewhistle:

Based on that COM, I’d obviously pick your favorite Jakobs gear, throw a bunch of points in the Hunter tree (to light up the Hunt Kill Skills so the COM will actually do something), and go for it.

I was skeptical about using that COM at first (3% seems way too low to be useful), but I was pleased at how often it fires the kill skills when spraying damage downwind. In practice, I don’t play that way often with Jakobs gear because I’m stacking all the damage I can into individual shots. Sometimes though, I’ll be spraying them with an assault rifle, shotgun, or whatever, and it’s handy to have those skills on deck if the kills are taking their time.

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