New Fl4k Legendary Class Mod from Maliwan/M4

Has anyone seen it? I want to see what it does but so far didn’t see anyone who got it.

All of the new ones (I think) are posted on reddit


I look forward to the next one for Amara’s melee. I quite imagine seeing her melee surviving M4 or the Maliwan Takedown yet. She also has more mods tailoring to her elemental builds.

amara new class mod is well beyond any other so far, she is getting more buffs to her character while others get nerfed.


While I’m annoyed at GB fudging another hotfix, lets not pretend the megavore or MDG mess ups are intentional. Easily detectable, yes, but not intentional.

So long as GB does actually role out those fixes in the hotfix on Thursday, then everyone got buffed flat out.

Anybody gotten any luck getting this mod? The farm is grueling as all hell, time consuming, and the mod seems to be really rare.
I’m losing hope…

I’ve farmed that Tink for 2 hours straight and he dropped nothing but blues. Please don’t tell me I’ve wasted my time and you have to be on M4 to obtain it. I was playing on M3 because the only one I can confidently survive with on M4 is Amara until I get better annointed gear.

Funny how amara is the only VH who is stomping m4 everyone else is struggling. Only she can clear content to get her class mod (which is also probably the strongest mod of the bunch) and do even more damage with easy instant elemental projector procs. Fl4k can clear m4 content but only if you use cheats and glitches.


Actually all of then can clear pretty well with the tediore chuck build that’s how broken that 1 specific build is and will most likely get nerfed. Amara does it best then maybe moze/fl4k

Sorry, but you have to be in M4.

Don’t know about stomping. I’ve seen youtubers run it with Amara, Moze and FL4K and these are youtubers with optimal gear and loadouts. The majority of players won’t be able to do that, even with Amara. My buddy mains Amara now and there’s no way he can touch the raid on M4 lol.

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Where is the preferred farming area for this mod?

Trial of instinct. The boss at the end has a chance to drop it but you need to play on Mayhem 4.

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Well if it’s anything like Tink of Cunning I assume it’s incredibly difficult to complete solo? I tried Tink of Cunning earlier today on M4 solo and managed to get through the 2nd wave. 3rd one… forget it.

I believe you can get it on any mayhem for takedown from any boss so honestly just farming mayhem 1 or 2 and getting first boss down could be easier

Maybe that’s just me, but in my experience even no-Mayhem Takedown is harder than Mayhem 4.

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That’s def just you lol

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I’d say it’s probably a little easier. The Trial on Instinct, like the Trial of Survival is based on creatures. Cunning is probably the hardest one overall simply for the fact that you are fighting against CoV which means anointed enemy shenanigans, badass rocket launcher spam, enemies with 3 healthbars etc.

To be fair, I was specifically talking about solo play and I’m not a Fl4k player to begin with.

Oh that’s good to know… for some reason I thought you had to be in M4. I consider myself a decent player but that 3rd wave of the Tink Proving Grounds kicked my a$$

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