New Fl4k legendary mod

Hey there
This is honestly just a suggestion for a legendary class mod for Fl4k
The basics are simple but Ill leave gearbox to work out the kinks in it
But basically a mod that when you ground slam it will summon another beast to fight along side you in battle and it’ll only de spawn if
It dies in battle
When you fast travel
Or if their are no more enemies left for it to fight
That’s my idea for the mod
The rest I leave in your trust to smooth it out

Not a bad idea.
But I hate ground pound so much that anything having to do with it I don’t like.
It’s like they’re forcing you to use ground pound with certain items and the ability is clunky and it’s not something you can just do whenever you want.

They should just replace the Rakk commander with something else. It’s a Red Fang with an anointed perk as the legendary effect. Hardly worth a slot right now.

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Or have it grant 2 charges. That could bring up the potential charges to 7 which is pretty cool but unnecessary.
Yeaaaaah, I agree. Rakk Commander is reeeeeeally underwhelming, I’ve never used it. Not to mention the skills it boosts aren’t that great. If it boosted Grim Harvest and Galactic Shadow then at least it’d have a purpose.

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I’d make a case for Grim Harvest, Ambush Predator, and Who Rescued Who.

It definitely needs some new skills though.

Ground slamming is a pain in the ass to do in this game especially in the middle of a fight so I’m not liking the activation method. I like the idea of summoning another beast tho but i feel like mods should augment their skills or action skills this doesn’t do either just adds another pet. Like this can be a action skill for fl4k when gearbox decides to add more trees to the characters they can have them summon their entire pack for a duration and have them run around attacking enemies and causing chaos.

Like a example of a mod would be like

Release the beast mod:
When fl4k activates gamma burst when their pet is low hp or fight for your life it turns their pet into a badass granting them 200% more dmg 100% more move speed and 50 % dmg reduction but, shortens the duration to 10 seconds and increases cooldown rate by 10 seconds.