New fl4k mod has a big issue

Something is resetting damage on it I believe its 2 things actually. I believe hollow point resets the damage on it and o also believe pets reset the damage on it as well. This needs to be fixed ASAP because we lose tons of dmg


No it’s working as intended. It stacks but not indefinitely. Much like the fade away crit stack augment it resets after a certain stack amount

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Thats pretty stupid though. It takes alot of skill and specific change in playstyle to hit a high bonus - given how even a single body shot can remove the bonus - it really shouldn’t reset at all.

Gorilla in the mist build

Wrong actually since u can test it on a dummy and it stacks indefinitely but the hollow point explosion resets it and pet dmg can reset it I believe. U will have no problem if u dont have hallow point. Do you not see how that’s a problem lol.


Naw use terror ammo regen annointed shield with terror on ase gernade then get a lucky 7 with the 7 and always crit roll. Ggs

Does any1 know if ricocheted bullets rest it ? Like with the lucians call/ Jacob’s weapons or the chain lightning effect from the brainstormer ?

I’m going to believe moxsy and a bunch of other YouTubers that it does not stack indefinitely

Oh my bad yea it doesnt stack forever but it should not reset stacks even when constantly landing crits. Like I said it resets from hollow point

Hollow point and pets may reset it but so far with Lucians call I’ve had it reset from hitting Max stack before it reset from hollow

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Are you guys using Jakobs weapons? I was wondering if those guns would hurt Jakobs users, exept the king’s/Queen’s call.
I’m really hoping hollow point gets fixed it that is it.

Seemed to be working just fine for me with the Maggie and Gatlin Gun. Gorillas in the mist is a boss killer once again.

Who lied and told u it auto resets on it’s own? It def shouldnt especially if u test it on the target dummy it never goes down it does have max stacks though

I think it’s literally any form of damage that isnt a crit. Either way its honestly not better than bounty hunter with good skills tbh

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I see it most useful for Fadeaway anyways and I think even splash becomes crit in that, not too much of a deal if not.

Yea but still resets when u kill a enemy and have hollow point or even pet dmg. I like using lucky 7 tbh but if I didnt have hollow point I guess it would be too broken

I don’t believe pet damage resets it - but I think hollow point and basically every single secondary weapon effect resets it - which makes the COM really poor or ultra niche, given how many of those weapons are Fl4k’s top gear. But I do think this is a difficulty on the programming side by GB - how do you distinguish an actual body shot from one procced by a secondary effect? Hopefully GB is working on it.

I agree it’s a difficult thing to program, but then don’t create an item that you can’t figure out how to program properly. The amount of things that don’t work as intended in this game is ridiculous. Does anyone test these things? My mind is just constantly blown by how every time something is introduced, there will inevitably be multiple threads about how the item isn’t working properly. How does this stuff go unnoticed before making it into the game?

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In one of the borderlands shows randy pitchford was there and he honestly said how the teams operate in their own area so cooperation is minimal between someone who designs coms and guns and is the reason why amara is so perfect and someone like moze has almost no synergy between skills after nerfs. It’s funny cuz he literally praised this like it was a good thing