New Fl4k mod shown in DLC preview

It’s called the ST4CKBOT and basically gives him Critical Ascension.

The two skills displayed on this one are Hunter’s Eye (FL4K gains bonuses when fighting different types of enemies) and the Fast and the Furryous (While above half health, FL4K’s Gun Damage and Movement Speed are increased). What the third one could be is anyone’s guess.

My understanding is it will reset once you score normal hit.

It’s not exactly the same but has a similar effect in that critical hits give a stacking bonus. Perhaps it’s closer to Aurelia’s version in TPS.


less exciting than the Rakk Pak in my opinion. Wonder what the third school is gonna be? If I had to guess it’ll be Galactic Shadow (I think that’s the name?).

This look awesome. This class mod alone can make a fade away build 100% more viable for mobbing. I need that +45% Jakob’s crit effect on this bad boy :eyes:

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It will work nicely for those who like Guerrillas in the Mist.

Second intention, head count, ambush predator and galactic shadow all seem viable options. You’re right, best bet may be galactic shadow.

Basically it’s going to work well for any Flak build where you stand in the back and snipe everyone. This combined with an anointed True Monocle could be a monster. One shot kills on badasses could be a real possibility with this mod.

Kinda boring but the Fade Away tree definitely needed a COM that affects the action skill