New FL4K's pet loader is stupid and useless AF

  1. ION loader keeps like 1000m away and can barely hit anything with his sniper rifle.
  2. It shoots his EYE LASER totally ignoring objects on the way so it mostly burns with laser crates, corners and obstacles.
  3. It has no idea how to jump so any ledge (like Chupakabruch cliff on Promethea) makes it jitter around and shooting cliff.
  4. Shotgun bull loader is slightly better mostly because of shotgun nature – he still stands as far as it can but manage to hit some bullets because of its spread. And still sudffers form any obstacle on its way. His attack command helps it to get closer, but if any obstacle it just sticks around because of (my guess) range is too far .
  5. Thay are annoyingly slow even with 5 points in “Gotta go fast” so i practically have to wait for it here and there.

Been that way since 5 months ago(when we got the new trees). Pretty infuriating, yes. It’s a mess. Sorry you came back to this.


Didn’t they fix this with DLC6? :rofl:

I remember reading something about the bot being fixed :sweat_smile:

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He fires his shotgun at sniper rifle range.
This reminds me a lot of the most hated sniper player in FPS, who fights at sniper rifle range and doesn’t go to the front line when he sees an enemy.

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Still hope someone of gearbox gives a damn about fixing bugs there.

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