New Forum Basics: User FAQ

Welcome to the Gearbox Software Forums! We’re excited to have everyone here, both new users and vets alike. Below you’ll see a few topics that may come up as you learn your way around the new forums. As with any guide, it’s a WIP, so if you have something you’d like to add, please PM @Noelle_GBX or a Moderator. With that out of the way, on with the show:

RULES: Please review the forum rules as they have changed to reflect certain changes in the new forums: NEW FORUM RULES

USERNAME AND EMAIL CHANGES: Your forum username and email address is tied to your SHiFT account. To update your username or email address, visit New users can edit their username only for a brief period prior to their first post. After that, please use this thread and an admin or moderator will assist you.

You can update your display name (the text that appears beside your forum name on your posts) at any time. On your profile page, you’ll see your current information. Press the edit button next to the “Name” field to edit your display name. After you have updated your information, make sure to click the “Update Profile” button to save any changes.

TERMINOLOGY: Discourse uses some terms that you might not be familiar with. On top of that, some terms that meant certain things on the old forums don’t mean the same thing here. This section is just for clarfication’s sake:

“@ Mention (also “@ me”)”: This is an important and exciting one. Those of you who are familiar with Twitter will know this one right off. For those of you who aren’t, an @ mention is a way for you to directly “ping” another user. If you @ mention a user (the “@” + username, so in my case: “@JoeKGBX”) in a post, they’ll receive a notification telling them they’ve been mentioned. This is exciting because you won’t have to wonder if your post was seen. It’s also an easy way to bring other users into the conversation who might not have seen it otherwise. Try to get in the practice of @ mentioning members as a way to keep things rolling.

Some terminology changes (again, just for reference. Terms are certainly interchangable):
“Topic” = “Thread”
“Category” = “Subforum”

NAVIGATION: Navigating the new forums is extremely easy. There are basically three things to note:

The Gearbox Logo at top left is your “home” button and will take you to the front page of the forums:


In the top right, you’ll see links to your personal profile, the search field, and “The Hamburger”, which offers more navigation options:


Finally, there is the “on post” menu which includes like, link, flag, edit post, and bookmark functions and can be found in the lower right corner of each post:


You can also use the menu at the bottom of the topic/thread to edit preferences for watching that topic. Also, there is a field to the right (the blue box) that will help make navigating some topics easier:

SHARING TO SOCIAL NETWORKS: You can share posts directly to Twitter, Facebook or via email by clicking on the “Link” icon and then choosing your network:


FLAGGING: One of the great things about the new forum platform is that it allows you, the community, to have a direct say in what’s acceptable content and what’s not. If you see a post that violates the forums rules, all you have to do is click the “flag” button in the on-post menu (in the lower right corner of the post) and forum staff will be notified. If a post receives enough flags, it will be hidden. Moderators do have the ability to un-hide posts, but that is at their discretion and their decision is final and subject to change at any time. In regards to spam, if you see a post that is clearly spam, please just flag it as such and do not reply to it.

TRUST LEVEL: When you join the forums, every user is assigned with a “Trust Level” which initially, is zero (not that we don’t really trust you! :smile: ). The purposes of trust levels are varied, but in this case it’s primarily to avoid spam. You’ll find that with a little activity on the forums a bump in trust level and thusly, a bump in forum capabilities will follow very quickly.

NOTIFICATIONS: Notifications for “@” Mentions, PMs, replies, etc. will appear as a count in the top right corner over your avatar icon, and as a list in the menu attached to that avatar.

TRADING POST & ONLINE PLAY: In the interest of keeping things nice and tidy, we’ve condensed all platforms into the Trading Post and Online Play sections for each respective game. As such, to make things easier, please put your platform FIRST THING in the title of your trade or online play thread. For example: “X360- LF 94% Sham…” or “PS3- Looking for players…” This will make it so all you need to do is scan down and find the applicable platform.

EMOJI SUPPORT: Discourse supports Emojis! Here’s a cheat sheet with LOTS of Emoji commands.

TEXT COLOR: This thread discusses how to add color to your text!
You will find a summary of useful colors and other formatting codes in this thread

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How to respond to multiple posts:

When you want to post short replies to multiple authors in the same thread, it’s better to include them in a single post. You can include multiple quotes or use the @ mention system to identify each user you are responding to.

Click the Reply button at the bottom of the first post you want to respond to, then highlight the text you want to quote. You should see a "Quote button pop up above it:

Click the "Quote button and type your response below it, then scroll the main display pane so that the next post you wish to respond to is visible. Make sure the insertion point is where you want the next quoted text to appear in your reply, and select the relevant text:

Repeat as many times as needed. Authors you quote will receive a notification that you have done so.

You can also respond to multiple authors without quoting each one using the @ mention system: type an @ symbol and you’ll see a popup menu of users participating in the current thread:

Select the one you want. If a user you wish to mention hasn’t participated in the thread, just start typing their user name after the @ symbol - you’ll get a list of matching users you can select from. You can include multiple @ mentions in the same post.


How to handle multiple images or large chunks of text in a post

Multiple images - especially large screen shots and code blocks - in a single post can be an issue for users accessing the forums via their phone, or who have a slow internet connection. To help these users out, you can use the Details tag:

  • Click on the gear wheel icon in the editor toolbar to access the menu
  • Choose the “Hide details” option


You’ll see the following appear in your post:


  • Edit the “Summary” text to describe what the image(s) are about, retaining the double quotes at each end
  • Drag and drop (to upload) or paste the link to your images one at a time where the hidden text is:


And you’re done!

An example:



How to Set Up Simple Tables

If you’ve edited a table in a wiki article, you’re already familiar with the basic table formatting used here. There are two ways to create tables in posts:

  1. Copy a table from an existing spread sheet program (e.g. Excel™) and paste it into the editor
  2. Hand-code the table using | and - characters to delineate columns and the header row.

Here’s an example table:

Type Increased rarity Total grinds Success rate
White 770 965 79.8%
Green 653 1068 61.1%
Blue 298 755 39.5%
Purple 28 616 4.5%
Orange 13 13 100.0%
OOP 19 54 35.2%
Glitch 26 26 100.0%

And here’s what the code looks like in the editor window:

|Type|Increased rarity|Total grinds|Success rate|

Note that you vary the alignment within cells using : characters in the row that separates your column headings from the data. A : on the left side only is align-left (default), one on either side of the three - is align-center, and one on the right side is align-right.

You can find more examples here:


How To Change Notifications, Thread Tracking, and More

The platform has added a number of useful tools for controlling what you see in your activity feed and beyond.

Thread Options:

When viewing a thread, you’ll see a couple of menu buttons on the right below the post count scroll bar. Clicking on the right-hand one of these will provide various tracking options

You can also set these preferences for whole categories or subcategories from your user preferences. Click on your avatar icon in the top-right of the site window and select the gear wheel icon. There are three options in the list on the left of the window that you can take advantage of:

Note that you can also ignore another user by clicking on their avatar to get to their profile page, clicking ‘normal’ and then selecting the “Ignored” option.


Embedding Polls

The forum platform makes it possible to embed a variety of different poll types in posts. You can have multiple polls in a single post, although each poll must have a unique name associated with it.

You can find full instructions here:

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