New Forum Feature: "Dev Tracker"!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for helping to make our first couple days on the new forums such a success! It’s been really great seeing everyone come over and start getting acquainted with the new features. Throughout this soft launch process, @Jeffybug and I are really stressing the fact that the new forums are very much a work in progress. This is because Discourse allows us to be really creative in how we customize the forums to suit the community. More on that below…

We’ve already gotten some extremely valuable feedback from many of you- both “positive” and “negative” (both kinds are equally important to us by the way)- and we’re already talking amongst ourselves and our Discourse counterparts to see how best to process that feedback and implement it where possible.

Having bored you with all that, I’m excited to announce our first new forum feature: “Dev Tracker”! Dev Tracker allows you to follow along with topics and conversations that Gearbox developers and staff are having within the community! It’s never been uncommon to see GBX’rs interacting with the community… If you knew where to look. Dev Tracker takes the mystery out of the process by giving you one button to click. To use DT, just click the button at the top of the page and off you go!

We hope you guys enjoy this first new feature that we’ve put together for you and the new forums in general. More rad additions will be coming in the near future, so please keep the feedback of ALL kinds coming and know that we’re listening!


Great feature. Ironically it’s how I found this post.
Any way to limit the dev / staff posts displayed to only certain forum categories? Or at least group them that way?
Ideally if I was looking at a category and clicked on “Dev Tracker”, it would show me the staff comments in that category first. Just a thought.

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So I no-longer have to have an alterante tab open constantly refreshing to see what Devs are doing anymore?


Very cool thought. Adding to the list!

You CAN still do it that way… if you want. :wink:

Now featuring beautiful orange text. Easier to spot developer responses while in-thread!


Do we haz teh features, or do we haz teh features?

Out of curiosity, why orange, specifically? It’s pretty rare to see interfaces use orange (At least it is for me, I see so much blue, white and green). I like it.

Cool you made my stalking a lot easier.

Best answer I can give is that our creative folks are keen on it :wink:

EDIT: Also, orange = legendary!


I like that answer. Also, I think I’m liking the orange outline. It’s nice and subtle.

Ooh, yes Oranage outline is much better than big ol’ ugly block of colour.

So if Orange is because of legendary, are Dev intereactions with communtity going to be Bl1 or Bl2 droprates? :dukejk:


Oh yes, now I don’t have to click the little gearbox symbol.

By the way, Joe? You tend to make some non-work posts. Which ends up confusing the hell out of me with that! Not that you’re making posts like that, but just the fact that I can stalk that sort of thing. So that brings me to the point I want to make.

Would it be possible to ‘highlight’ posts instead of have a constant tracker assigned to each dev account? I mean, it’s much easier I think. Kind of like how I can, as a reddit mod, distinguish my comments to stand out. That way you get some anonymity and can use the highlight+tracker to archive official responses and posts.

That’s an interesting idea, @jianderson. If I’m understanding you correctly, I think my response would be that the Dev Tracker isn’t necessarily meant as a way for you (the community) to see my “official” (and I use that word loosely :stuck_out_tongue:) response to certain things, but as a way for you (or whoever might be interested) to find those little “non-work” posts and get a sense of who we are. So, in my case, you can see not only my “work related” posts, but also something I might’ve posted in the Destiny General Discussion thread or one of the off-topic threads.

Does that make sense or did I totally misunderstand?

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Ahhh! That makes sense.

My initial interpretation of the Dev Tracker was that it was specifically to stalk/hunt down official responses to threads. However, I absolutely agree with what you’re saying here. Would it also be helpful to add what I said, as a feature? To actually have a tracking system, not just for dev/Gearbox posts, but for official responses. You simply flag a post to move it to that special queue for everyone to see, and people can scroll through each to see what is happening.

I understand now what DT is for, but I think it might be interesting for it to have two purposes on top of the first.

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I think the new forums are working well. They’re modern without the complicated extras with a simple yet flawless design. I saw a topic earlier in which someone was asking for ‘more colour’ around the forums. I personally don’t think adding in more colour would make the forums ‘look’ any better. The orange on the black looks great and actually reminds me of Borderlands/Gearbox.

In the my profile section I also like how you can upload any image and it will automatically be cropped to the correct image size. Most forums would reject the photo and you would have to crop the image yourself, so that was a nice touch.

The spacing of the forums into different sections also adds an ease to the navigation throughout the site whilst still ensuring the overall design of the website doesn’t slack.

The only ‘extra’ you could think about adding is if a topic has so many ‘likes’ or ‘posts’ it becomes a “Hot Topic” or something and is pinned to the top of the forum page for a while. This would show people which topics are being talked about the most without having to make is a ‘sticky topic’.

Keep up the good work - the site looks great.

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I LOVE THIS. Adding to the list. Thanks Aaron!

Hey, not necroing this for no point, just have a question: Does this still work?

Sure does, @nathanielmattock! Just go to the front page of the forums and look at the top right.