New Forum Features Thread redux

Continuing the discussion from New Forum Features Thread [Updated: 3/20/15]:

@Gulfwulf already mentioned the colours guide. Here’s the rest of the information you need:

If that link isn’t in the FAQ already, perhaps it should be?

And why can I not simply reply IN the existing thread and category, but have to create a new linked one somewhere else? Something is wrong! This is not supposed to happen!

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No, it’s not. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally choose “reply as link”?

Once we figure the issue out, I’ll rename the thread for reference.

Thanks @joekgbx !

I selected the text I originally quoted and hit the "Reply button, and this is what I did. I cancelled it several times, but it kept doing the same thing. I looked, but the general “Reply” button at the bottom of the thread was missing (just Bookmark, Share, and Flag). The whole system was being really gllitchy though - kept getting 502 errors from the editor window when the “Saving…” alert timed out even after my post was obviously up. (That also meant that the edit option wasn’t appearing straight away). I think this all might be connected to the occasional “503 No server available” errors as well. Is it possible that there’s a resource issue (not enough memory/disk space, not enough servers, gateway bottleneck, DDoS…) for the forums?

Edit: Aaaand I’m back, after about 30 minutes of no response from the forums server while still being able to access the main site. Something is definitely amiss, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t phase-shift an entire city…

It’s probably something like that – simple. Keep an eye on it and keep me posted.

EDIT: I was experiencing some of the same weirdness earlier, so that’s good to note for later.

I think it must have been a side-effect of this:

Yea, sounds like it.

Got a chrome prompt today when I loaded the forum asking if this site could use my Chrome notifications. I said yes. Does this mean I get notifications in Chrome when someone replies to or quotes me, etc.?

Getting that on Firefox too. Obviously something changed, but I don’t know what these notifications are supposed to be?

This forum does funny things when I use it on my android phone. It sometimes lists topics in the wrong order, or thinks things are new when they aren’t. It told me the latest post was 1721 minutes ago! Earlier on I had an e-mail telling me I had a PM, but the speech bubble at the top refused to mention it on my phone. Anyone else had this sort of thing?

Hmm interesting. I’m assuming your Android OS and your browser app are up-to-date?

Btw @JoeKGBX do we have anything for polling?

I saw another discourse forum using this and it looks pretty cool!

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Polling would be great.

Also, another feature would be a filter option on the “New” page. With the ramp up for Battleborn, not to mention all the other stuff in the pipeline, things can get a little crowded. Add to that a side-effect of the way the forum as a whole is subdivided by categories and sub-categories: you can sort the New topics page by Category, but that actually applies to the sub-category. It would be nice to have a show/hide or sort/filter option for the parent category. That way, I could easily skip/hide/dismiss all the Battleborn posts (just as an example), or look at all the BL2 ones before diving into anything else.

There used to be a poll option here. By adding

Poll: title goes here

In the title field for a new thread. Then using the item list feature - next to each option.

Has that been removed? I tested a thread with this month’s ago and it worked. I wouldn’t think anything has changed.

I’ll test it again.

Edit - I can’t seem to get it to work again, but I may be missing a step. It’s been a while since I tested it.

Let’s ping @discourse here. CH, what’s the polling functionality like for the current build of Discourse? Thanks! :smile:

Yes, that got some improvements. Examples here:


  • Hey that’s pretty awesome
  • it’s just OK

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I realise now that this was actually 1721m - the “17” was in bold, meaning 17 replies and the 21m is not bold, meaning 21 minutes, but there was no space between them!

Android version 4.4.2, my chrome updated recently I think.

What about tables? I heard that discourse should support html, but this doesn’t seem to work:

1,1 1,2
2,1 2,2

That was:


Doesn’t work with square brackets either. It would be an extremely useful feature to add though.