New Forum Features Thread [Updated: 5/20/15]

(Influencer Guy) #1

Hey everyone,

Since we have now officially closed the old vBulletin forums, we’re shifting more focus over to exploring new features that we can add to these forums. Some members have expressed an interest in having a thread available for reference that would outline new features to the forums as we add them. Additionally, I thought such a thread would be a good way to announce new features to the community, so here it is! I’ll update this OP with new features as they are ready to be announced along with a short explanation of said feature(s) if necessary.

2/17/15: CUSTOM TITLES: We have enabled the ability for you to use the “Real Name” field on your user profile as a custom title of sorts. The Real Name field can be edited in your profile preferences. You may use this space as a means to customize the username portion of your posts. Whatever your “title” is, it will also appear on your user profile.
Additionally, you can use the Real Name/Custom Title field as a means to share your old screen name if you were not able to get it on the new forums.

Please note: all forum rules apply to your custom title. No profanity, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or other offensive language will be allowed in your custom title. Gearbox Forum staff including Admins and Moderators may ask you to change your title if they deem it offensive based on the forum rules

3/9/15: DEFAULT AVATARS: Added Gearbox character themed default avatars

3/18/15: BORDERLANDS THE HANDSOME COLLECTION CATEGORY: Added the new Borderlands The Handsome Collection category and its corresponding sub-categories to the forums

TRUST LEVELS: Made changes to trust level requirements

3/20/15: ONLINE PLAY AND SUPPORT SUBCATS RENAMED: Per user request, renamed all applicable online play and support subcats to show platform at the beginning of the title for easier viewing.

5/20/15: CUSTOM EMOJIS: Added custom Emojis from the old vBulletin forums!

Random Talk Thread
(Guajiro Pandoreño) #2

…wasn’t that always available, or am I thinking of something else? I remember filling that in some time ago.

(Influencer Guy) #3

It wasn’t enabled globally.

(fabio) #4

That’s nice! Just a suggestion, try to move the custom title below the nickname, else it looks like a surname.

(Watcher on the wall) #5

Can I suggest a character limit for custom titles? Ive seen a couple which are oddly long and its just too much text in my opinion. No reason to write entire sentences.

I also agree with gambler that it would look better placed below user names.

(Influencer Guy) #6

I’ll look into that.

(Cast Iron Chef) #7

What about chauvinistic titles? I’ve always been partial to ladies’ man myself. :wink:

Yes, that’s a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Revolver "Revolver" "Pink Ocelot Terror Ghost" Ocelot) #8

Ah, it’s nice to see this thread finally becoming a thing. Also checking to see if my “Custom Title” works.

(Influencer Guy) #9

(Mechromancity) #10

How do the badges work? Is it broken because it says I can use them as a title, yet when I go under a list in my preferences, it says none are there, yet I have 5 badges. Please help.

(Cast Iron Chef) #11

I think regular is the only badge you can use as a title; it’s the only one I’ve seen.

(Influencer Guy) #12

The badges aren’t used as titles afaik. They appear on your user card.


There are too many pinned threads for BL:TPS and BL:2. I cant see whats new because the pinned threads, its kinda annoying.

(Influencer Guy) #14

I see what you mean. Maybe we need a pinned thread with links to all of those guides.

(The Villain) #15

Just a few features missing. Friends page, again would be nice but nice job, I’ve gotten use to it. Takes a few days/weeks.

(Watcher on the wall) #16

I could tweek the Lootology thread and have it include all the important character threads.
But the problem with widdling the pinned threads down to just one that includes all of them, is that said thread would be located elsewhere rather than that characters sub-cat. It’s an inconvenience, but if it has to be done then so be it.

If the list of pins over riding the latest posts is that much of an issue (which I can definitely see how it can be) we can figure something out I’m sure.

(Influencer Guy) #17

What I had in mind was one thread that was pinned and contained organized links to each thread. In other words, the only thing changes is that we un-pin the threads and pin the one master link thread. The linked threads would remain where they are, they just wouldn’t be pinned in their respective sections.


I havent seen this option, probably because it doesnt exist, or im over looking it, but when i refresh the pages sometimes, all symbols are changed to Japanese (?) Characters but the other text remains english. I there anyway to keep the symbols as Japanese characters?

(Cast Iron Chef) #19

Most of the character sub-forums should have a resources thread. If only one or two threads can be pinned, I say make those pinned and unpin the rest. That should cut down on the clutter somewhat and make it so they’re still readily available.

(Watcher on the wall) #20

I think it would be most ideal if there was some tweak or change of settings that could be done to remove pinned threads from remaining in the “latest posts” preview.
Is this possible?