New Forum Features Thread

Running into a script bug today while trying to edit an existing post. The site script keeps hanging. When I hit the “Debug” option, the Firefox console shows this line:

    css: function( elem, name, extra, styles ) {
        var val, num, hooks,
            origName = jQuery.camelCase( name );

Just going to try this in a different browser…

Edit: Works in latest Firefox without issue, but 48.0.2 seems a little iffy. Not sure what’s going on here.

Edit2: Seem to have been having major latency problems earlier today over some, but not all, connections. That may have been the issue?

Edit3: Nope, same issue on a long post with lots of formatting, but this plain simple one seems to load and edit just fine.

@discourse: liking the new Insert date function, which is really slick, but there’s a slight bug if you use the LLL\T\Z option

May 21, 2018 5:30 AMAmerica: Los Angeles, May 21, 2018 1:30 PMEurope: London

Needs a space between the AM and the user time zone!

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The new forum absolutely kicks @$$, great job guys

Hey @VaultHunter101, I didn’t know where else to ask this and thought it better here than a PM.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to indent text and haven’t been able to find the code. Then I found something wierd : one of my own threads had indented text :man_facepalming:.
I went into it and found I had used this :


          which results in this.

Is this info actually in the forum somewhere?

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Not explicitly that I remember, but I will double-check and add it in to the NEW FORUM BASICS thread if necessary; it’s certainly useful information!

Edit: OK, the information was in Sljm’s guide, so I just updated the OP in the Forum Basics thread (and fixed some references to defunct web sites and features).

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Ah the old & nbsp; thing. I used to use that in an old chatroom to comment blank spaces to confuse the others. Yes, I have no life :slight_smile:

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Anyone else finding it a pain in the ass tailfeathers to qoute people on mobile with the new menu-thingy that opens up when you swipe left? I don’t know, maybe it’s just on account of my big thumbs flippers, but I’M finding it to be a real pain in the ass tailfeathers…

Yes, I also recently learned how to strike things out, and am enjoying the hell out of using THAT feature, as a way of depicting my mental image slowly becoming more penguin and less human.

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How very kafkaesque. I wish you all the best Mr. Samsa.
Anyways, to answer : no not having any issues, perhaps opposable thumbs make all the difference.

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Oh, I see what you’re doing… You’re trying to get me to Google whatever the hell that word means; but you didn’t count on me being lazy now, did you! No, sir!

One of the other forumites helped me a short while after posting, so i’m all good now. Which is good, because this was a serious issue that warranted immediate attention.


Does anyone know how to remove a user from a private message?
I have my list of people in the PM and this button :


All it seems to able to do is add, but not remove.

When you click on the Add or Remove button, you should see white boxes with a grey X in them appear beside the name of each user in the PM thread.

It doesn’t seem to. I thought it might be my browser with all of its blockers but I tried it in another browser and it still has no effect.

It could be blocked depending on your user level? Let me ping @GeekVersusNerd to see if he can offer any insight on this. If there is a problem that needs moderator assistance, send me a PM.

Edit: It looks like this for me:


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Hmm, could be user level. I’ll ask my minions and if there is work around circle back. As @VaultHunter101 said, if this is a need due to something that moderators should be aware of, please make sure to send Vault a private message.

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how can we view our user level? that’s interesting…

and on to why I came here. I want more likes. Why can’t this happen? Is it because of my “user level”?

does number of years as a member come into play? how many badges you’ve earned in that amount of time? I’d like to know how this is all calculated, if possible?

On your user card. I looked at it without being logged in to check it wasn’t just a moderator/admin thing.

I believe that plays a part - I think moderators get unlimited likes, I mean I’ve never hit the like cap but then again I never hit it even in my pre-moderator days.


Yeah - @Kurtdawg13 likes are fixed for each user level, but the intermediate level got disabled since it allowed non-moderators certain rights that could have been abused. (Plus, it had to be maintained through daily activity so it was a bit of a pain.)


So what you’re saying is…


Any progress on this?
It’s not vital to the PM in question, but it would be nice to know why it’s not working. If nothing else it’s a feature that “should” work.