New Forum Features Thread

The only problem there would be you wouldn’t see the latest posts in those threads, right? Or am I misunderstanding? Are you saying those threads are excluded from the “preview” let’s call it on the main page?

I feel like we’re talking about 2 different things here kind of…What I was asking is if there was a way to remove the pins from permanently taking up the latest posts preview beside each section all while keeping them pinned in their sub-category.
But in a way that theyll still behave like other threads and appear in the latest post list if commented in.

This way we clear the clutter on the main page, but are able to keep all helpful threads pinned.

If this still dosnt make sense, lets just forget I mentioned it.

Users can “unpin” pinned threads on their end. Those threads will still be pinned, but they won’t show up on the preview page. Just click on the pin icon to unpin it.

Yes I know that. But everyone may not.

I tried that but it still shows them on top of everything else. It says unpinned but nothing changes

Hmm. Maybe just pinning the community guides would be a good idea after all. There are a couple of toons that either don’t currently have guides or the ones they have aren’t current, so I may port the old ones over here for the former. If the decision is made to only pin the guides, the later will need to be addressed somehow: maybe have someone else port the old ones over and lock the current ones unless Blutt comes back.

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Typically, I tend to think the simplest solution is the best solution, so I’d aim to have one thread that links to all the others and is pinned, then unpin everything else.

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So have one pinned topic for each subforum? That should reduce the clutter by quite a bit.

Yea, that would work too.

Sounds good. Do you need a list? If so, I can whip one up real quick. Otherwise I’ll get Zer0’s ported over and ask Jo or crazy man to pin it. :wink:

Sounds good. Free to PM it to me.

reddit markdown codes are really pissing me off with how i format posts >_<

how about being able to unsubscribe to whole categories? I somehow got subscribed to ALL new posts and I want to unsubscribe to the BL series, for example.

I mentioned this to @gthompsn in a PM, but for anyone else that’s curious, you can mute topics/categories in your profile preferences.

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask or request for it:

But I think this forum misses 1 essential feature:

Underlined texts to symbolize words or text passages of major importance. At least so far I haven’t seen any button for that.


We already have it. Place your text inside u tags: [ u][/u], but without the space before the first u. Also, the u’s MUST be lowercase and NOT capitalized.

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Did you make any other chance then making Regular un-usable for normal users to the trust levels?
If theres chances I need them for the guide thread.

Didn’t know this forum supported that I’m aware of the general forum codes. However all those newcomers born in the last 10,15 years might not. So I think a simple button for that wont hurt. Coding wise it’s a 10 minute job to implement atleast back then couple of years ago when I was still considered young in the numerous statistics… :stuck_out_tongue:

I moved a post to a new topic: Missing character

An app for iOS/android to find people to play with would be amazing