New Forum Features Thread

Is there a guide or user faq somewhere here where I can learn how to advanced format (e.g. use of colors and other text formatting)?

I like the new forum a lot, but being a long time vbulletin forums user I am pretty lost here, and since I plan to do a write up soon I want to learn…

Sjim wrote one awhile back that might be of use.

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Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with the reply feature? It’s easy enough to just reply to the thread as a whole, but when I reply to a particular user’s post sometimes it works and other times (most times) it just replies to the thread. And when it does reply to the user (you can see your post under the dropdown list of replies and see in your reply who you replied to) it often doesn’t quote their post. Sometimes if I manually quote someone’s post when replying to them it works, but sometimes it just replies to the thread anyway.

If you reply directly to the newest comment it doesn’t look like a direct reply but they do receive the notification. This reply doesn’t look like one for example.

So it will work normally unless you are replying to the latest post?

It is weird like that but at least the person you replied to receives the message so at least that works as intended. It is confusing for sure and I do wish they’d change that. If a second individual replies to the same comment it will show that it has two replies (or more) at least.

You can hit the white Reply button at the bottom of the page, which replies to the last post in the thread as I understand it.

Or, you can hit the orange Reply on a specific post, and it will reply to that post.

Or, you can highlight part of the text on a post, hit the Quote reply button that comes up, and you get something that looks like this post.

Hey! New avatar - cool!

Also, @Kaleidodemon, if you hit either the orange Reply button on a post, or do the quote reply, you should see an indicator to the person (and a link to the post) that you are replying to.

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God to know. And thanks for the info.

Nice typo! Also, it seems to be a bit buggy - either it defaults to showing only the author who they last replied to, or the links time out somehow. For example, yesterday when I wrote those two replies, I could see the links back on both. Now I can only see the link back on the one where I didn’t quote-reply.

It’s odd…

I normally would be tempted to remove that typo, but since you like it I’ll keep it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, that emote is…


It is what nightmares are made of.


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Is there a way to disable the Ctrl+F search command intercept? Using Opera browser.

Hit it twice. Yeah, that sucks, but better than nothing.

Hey @JoeKGBX or @MereAtGBX:

Noticed that the discourse user preferences page has undergone some changes, which is great. But the user badge no longer shows on your user card, even if one is showing as selected in your Profile settings. Can you ask about that please? Ta!

Edit: Aaaaaand… as soon as I post that, the badge mysteriously reappears. I’m assuming that opening the Preferences after the change momentarily clears the badge, and it takes a while to reappear? Odd, but it’s back so, :thumbsup:

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Hey, I just tried to edit one of my old posts and all the color and underscore formatting won’t show up anymore :frowning:

Bug or feature ?

They redid the HTML formatting on the forums about a month ago. So editing an old post will cause the old formatting to no longer work. You need to do things like change the…

  • COLOR to a lowercase color
  • Instead of [U] you need to use lowercase [u]
  • Instead of ## you need to put a single - under the line you want bolded.
  • Etc…
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Thanks :slight_smile:

I guess I have a lot of work to do now…


That still works, but it requires a space between the ## and the text

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They did that so hashtags in posts would display as #hastags. Same thing with headings - put a space between the last # to indicate heading level and the heading text

Level one is # Level one

Level two is ## Level two

Level three is ### Level three

and so on…