New Forum Features Thread

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It could be blocked depending on your user level? Let me ping @GeekVersusNerd to see if he can offer any insight on this. If there is a problem that needs moderator assistance, send me a PM.

Edit: It looks like this for me:


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(GeekVersusNerd) #85

Hmm, could be user level. I’ll ask my minions and if there is work around circle back. As @VaultHunter101 said, if this is a need due to something that moderators should be aware of, please make sure to send Vault a private message.

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how can we view our user level? that’s interesting…

and on to why I came here. I want more likes. Why can’t this happen? Is it because of my “user level”?

does number of years as a member come into play? how many badges you’ve earned in that amount of time? I’d like to know how this is all calculated, if possible?

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On your user card. I looked at it without being logged in to check it wasn’t just a moderator/admin thing.

I believe that plays a part - I think moderators get unlimited likes, I mean I’ve never hit the like cap but then again I never hit it even in my pre-moderator days.

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Yeah - @Kurtdawg13 likes are fixed for each user level, but the intermediate level got disabled since it allowed non-moderators certain rights that could have been abused. (Plus, it had to be maintained through daily activity so it was a bit of a pain.)

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So what you’re saying is…


Any progress on this?
It’s not vital to the PM in question, but it would be nice to know why it’s not working. If nothing else it’s a feature that “should” work.

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You should be unable to remove other users from a PM unless you are an admin/mod (which makes the button always saying “or remove” misleading imo).

If you need a user removed from a PM, the current workaround would be to ping a moderator for assistance. This should make it so that the removed user can no longer view the entirety of that PM thread.