New Forum Feedback Thread

(Jeffybug) #1

The new forums are a continual work in progress – as you make yourself at home and explore the new platform, let us know what you think in this thread.

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(Pulser) #2

Well this new forum software seems to run pretty speedily, I must say!

(Arthur James Newport) #3

It’s the bomb. I dig the aesthetic and it’s surprisingly fluid.

(Toboe Aka) #4

I like the look so far of this new forum, seems to run pretty speedily as well.

(Arthur James Newport) #5

The forum needs automatic post merging to avoid double posting or else I will be banned for it within the first month.

(Toboe Aka) #6

The Loot and Weapons subforum seems to be missing from TPS section for now, but not BL2 or BL.

Edit: See it’s been added now.

(Enemy of Thunder) #7

Good, it’s not just me

(Killing Floor 2) #8

Well, I think it’s messy looking and the background images are an eye sore, but I just adblocked them and that made the forum look about 7000000% better.

Please add pages instead of infini-scrolling, it reminds me of that reddit site that I visited once or twice. All that scrolling, I hate it so much. Pages keep me organized and make following posts very easy.

Will the mention of the last posts user name come back? That was another great thing about the vb forums, and it’s how I knew there were new posts in many threads.

Is there a way to turn off the auto-tracking besides manually doing it for every post? I don’t want notifications about replies, I’ve got my own methods for knowing when I was replied to.

(Influencer Guy) #9

Good to see ya, @Pulser!

(Influencer Guy) #10

BL: TPS Loot and Weapons Sub-Cat added! BOOM!

(Heyooo!) #11

I’m gonna need some time to ajust for sure, but I’m pleased with pretty much everything for my first tour of the forums.


  • The new general discussion section will be great I think
  • I like the background for each section
  • The fact that we can change post will writing a reply have great potential for quoting other topics
  • Card/profile page are great too.


  • Only for the scroll down forever thing that I’m not sure I’ll be fan of but we’ll see.

All I have to add is: Great update on the forums guy!

(Influencer Guy) #12

If it helps you enjoy things more, go for it!

This is something we can look into. No promises one way or the other of course, but consider it on our collective radar.

(Enemy of Thunder) #13

From fgambler

  1. Enable full screen
  2. Lower font size on topic indexes
  3. Remove mini-avatars from topic indexes (carnival is only mid february)
  4. Remove backgrounds, or add option to block it
  5. Remove the image limit per post
  6. Discussion forums weren’t made with cellphones in mind
  7. Read 6 again!

(Spike 123321) #14

On mobile versions of the site for me, as the web address stays the same all the time, you cannot use some tools like the bookmarking of pages (it is always the forum home page link) or use the back buttons.

Any way around this without forcing it to use the desktop version of the website which isn’t great on mobile?

(with sidekicks: Shoulda, Coulda, and Woulda) #15

I don’t think it likes swear words. I tried typing b-i-t-c-h in reference to the gun and it got censored.

(Influencer Guy) #16

I don’t think we’ve run into this yet, but I will pass along to the Devs and see what we can come up with. Thanks for letting us know!

There are language filters in place, but under the circumstances, I’ll look into possibly editing that one specifically. Thanks!

(Spike 123321) #17

No worries. As a work around for bookmarks, I just stored them manually using their full addresses which are viewable on a computer (non-mobile version). Also, I can just use the category buttons at the top of the page to go back one level, but it will just take a while to make sure that I do that instead of back.

(Jakobs Public Relation) #18

Hello, I know a lot of things are still being changed and tweaked so I will leave out some of the nitpick stuff till I see some more progress with the CSS/Style Sheet.

  1. On the mainpage I think the logos for each games are a overkill, just remove them have live text as the category title. I think this would go a long way to help get the old timer vBulletin users to switch and participate.

  2. Second is the “Dev Tracker” feature on this forum. I am not sure if this is a Discourse native feature or requires a plugin. Either way it is a cool way of following all the post made by Gearbox Staff member. Here is a working example (click on “Dev Tracker” on the top navigation).

  3. There is a feature on Discourse where you can highlight someone’s text and a dynamic quote button will appear for me to click and write a respond highlighting that text in quote.

  4. Can each forum category have their own background image with a slightly different CSS? Even if its just a font color change would go a long way here. I love to see some borderlands 2 image for the bl2 section, and some cool space image for Homeworld, etc…you get the idea.

That’s all for now.

(Jeffybug) #19

Thanks @Abvex!

  1. Will explore this option. Would love to hear what other members think.

  2. Dev Tracker is a great idea. We have a request in for the Discourse team to set this up, as well as calling out dev posts in-thread.

  3. Dynamic quoting is turned on on our forums already.

  4. Each forum has it’s own backgrounds. BL2 has a BL2 background, Krieg has a Krieg background, etc.

Curious why you’re not seeing 3 and 4. Will look into it.

(Jakobs Public Relation) #20

Hello @Jeffybug

3 and 4 are working fine now! At the time of my post it wasn’t there. Looking pretty good by the way!