New Forum Feedback Thread

Good stuff guys! I’ll add this to the proverbial pot as we continue tweaking.

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A couple weird things going on in my mobile browser while navigating these pages:

Some threads work perfectly fine and show up on the display. But others (e.g., Athena sub-forum) are black unless I touch the screen and start scrolling up/down. The second I let up, it goes black again.

Also, whenever I hit the back button it jumps completely out of the new forums and to the last non-newforums webpage I visited. Even if I’ve visited multiple pages in between it completely exits the newforums website.

Hmm not sure we’ve run into this one yet.

I think something like this would make a lot of people happy, and with a game with color based loot it’s very fitting. It’s a plugin for discourse to allow bbcode color for text


Excellent find.

@joekgbx Nice job getting the New Forum Basics up and running. I don’t understand the function of the “Reply as Linked Topic” button. Do you mind explaining how to use that properly?

I don’t like this feature, flagging this post


Do you mean you don’t like the Flag Post feature? How is it any different from someone reporting a post on the old forums? It’s a way for the community to let a user know they are out of line. That’s a good thing.

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I have been on this forum since it was the super secret forum and still don’t like it at all.

If enough people don’t like it it’s hidden, what’s to stop people from gang mentality.

Flags this post

Well there will be collective push back against that sort of thing, and we have moderators that will intervene and make sure that kind of stuff doesn’t happen. If you don’t trust other users, at least trust that the moderators will continue to maintain the peace here.

Again with a killer suggestion. We had messed around briefly with watermarking the post, but trying this out, thanks @Abvex


the box-shadow looks waaaay better.


Oh that’s way better, it’s great like that. Definitely noticeable without being in your face.

I also like this much better

Neato! That looks pretty good.


That’s already been brought up. There’s a moderation queue and moderators.

That said, nobody’s forcing you to be here :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea- there’s a queue in our UI that flags go into. We’d be able to see if that type of thing were happening.

I believe that just allows you to reply with a link to a relevant or related topic.