New Forum Feedback Thread

That’s already been brought up. There’s a moderation queue and moderators.

That said, nobody’s forcing you to be here :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea- there’s a queue in our UI that flags go into. We’d be able to see if that type of thing were happening.

I believe that just allows you to reply with a link to a relevant or related topic.

Is there a way to disable the little blue circles that show the number of times a link has been clicked? I really don’t see the point of it, and it adds more clutter to threads. Maybe a profile option I’m missing?

Edit: And, while I’m thinking about it, I know there’s already discussion about the white boxes on the user cards. I think it would help immensely if their opacity were reduced by about 1/3. It would still help the text read over the background, but not overpower the pictures the way it does now.

Consider moving the box-shadow from .group-Inside_the_Box to .group-Inside_the_Box .topic-body

As is, the highlight surrounds the whole row, including that vast empty space on the right.

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I tried that with firebug, but it has issues. The way the nested box gets the box-shadow would make it look messy/ugly. I think it is fine the way it is right now as I don’t mind the shadow going around the entire row. The right column can be important for OP/Thread starter as they contain smart links grabbed from the left column…so you can say the whole row is the “dev reply” in a way.

Here is an example about the right column links: Lootology 101 : The Pre-Sequel edition!


Just came on and the outline is 100% more visually appealing.

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1 The orange outline is MUCH better
2 Just a thought : would it be possible to brighten up the wording in the posts a little bit. It doesn’t have to be full on liquid paper white, but a few shades lighter could go a long way. As it is now it is a charcoal colored background with gray letters.

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I’d like options to change the look of how posts are listed (hope this makes sense?) As is – too much white [empty] space. Maybe it’s there but I’m missing it.

The search function overrides mozilla’s search function. It takes much longer to find something, since it does not immediately find and mark the item you are searching for, like mozilla does.

CTRL + F: The search box appears (same as mozilla)
write and search: The result pops underneath the search box, which gives me no indication on where the thing that I am searching for is. (mozilla’s default search would have taken me to the post and marked the term in it)
Clicking the results under the search box: It goes to the beginning of the post that the search item is in. If the term is further down, you have to scroll to it. (you’d be done with the default mozilla search minutes ago).

(CTRL + F x2: The mozilla search appears. Thank God).

I do not know who came up with this function, but overriding a default function that works perfectly with a function that does not work as good is just inconvenient and unnecessary.

the hell is that about?

I’m on mobile and sometimes can’t see what text i write in a text box. Is it because the text is white?

Also, damnit swaggy p!

I like the logo’s as well. Makes it very clear where i want to go.

I have this problem on my Galaxy tab3. Its very frustraing having to exit the on-screen key board everytime i need to move the curser or choose one of the text options in the menu bar. Takes twice as long to finish. This is probably one of my I only complaints with this board.

Mods should have a purple outline.

Guide writers should have one too because it would be cool, we work hard too.

Maybe guide writers could have a lighter gray outline?

I still think the guru idea I said is a perfect thing for here. It’s given to people who have been proven helpful for a long time.

Derch is a perfect example of people who qualify.
Put purple outline for mods is my main thing. It would add colour to this drab ■■■■■■■■

For new years I am giving up being helpful, from now on nothing but trolling, misinformation, and fart jokes.

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So you getting a youtube presence?