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Just noticed an artefact of having the the display auto-position at the last-read post within a thread, which produces odd results for threads that have been stickied and locked. For example, got to the TPS XBox Tech Support thread listing the 360 hotfixes and updates. Once you’ve viewed this at least once, the display always takes you to the “this thread is now closed” post; yet, the most recent information is always inserted at the top of the first post. As more updates/hotfixes accrue, the starting point for viewing the thread gets further away from the most recent information! I realise that you can use the Topic Progress button to jump to the top, but it’s a little odd. I assume this has something to do with the way threads are stickied and locked in Discourse: perhaps there’s a better way of producing these “headline” threads that doesn’t yield extraneous administrator posts in the thread?

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@VaultHunter101- I couldn’t reproduce. Can you post a screen? Thx!

Discovered that it depends on the route you take to get to the post. The direct link to the thread always seems to take you to the first post (unless you link to a specific post?).

Try from the main Gearbox Forums page > TPS. Then go XBox Tech Support, then click on the sticky update/hotfix thread. If that doesn’t yield the result, it may be browser-dependent?

Edit: @joekgbx - here’s two screen shots. First is taken by navigating from the forums home page, the second is taken after going directly via the link in my previous post about this.

Are anchors (HTML) allowed? If not, have you considered to add something like that? It would be great for all those extremely extensive guides. Scrolling on a Top Gear thread or something similar can be a pain for my finger joints.

FWIW @DankRafft, you can scroll up/down using the “J” and “K” keys.

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Good to know. Thanks for the hint. But that’s not what I meant. I meant linking a specific spot in a single post. Most of the time guides are written in a single post which is extremely long. For example:

You have to scroll to almost the end of the thread to get to the end of the first post. If we could set anchors (links) right at the beginning of a guide where you can jump to section “Shields” or “Class Mods” it would make things much easier as a reader if you’re looking for a specific part of the guide.

Ah I see. We can add it to the list!


Thanks. In general I just hit STRG+F to open the search bar of my browser to bypass the extensive scrolling and searching but in the new forums this key combination opens the forum’s search function. The hotkeys are great but not in that case. :smile:

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Basically, you want to enable id=“idstring” so you can do href=#idstring (assuming that doesn’t already work?) The catch being, it probably has to be unique within a thread, so you’d need to pre-pend the post’s unique id to any id strings created/used by the poster.

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Therein may lie the dilemma, but we can def add it to the list just the same.

Please enable custom titles again, I’m missing that.


I think Mods get them, since Kitty Jo still has hers, but it would be nice for everyone to have the option.

@Joekgbx I still hate the white box on the user cards.

I do to. A lot. Ive brought it up a couple times. And I know its to make text readable, but since text color can be changed now, I dont think that ugly box is needed anymore as we can just adjust the text color until things are readable.

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I’m not gonna lie, I agree that the user cards need some work. It’s one that’s near the top of my list. Don’t worry- we’ll get it!
Once we’re through PAX, I’ll revisit that one with the devs.


Edit: GBX software is now second on the list if you type “Crash Hog GIF” into google images.


I assume people who were banned on the old forums will not be allowed here? If you can find that out, that is. Which you probably won’t. So this question is kind of dumb

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What about IP bannings?

I’ll discuss this w/ @Jeffybug this weekend and then address it.

Just for reference I’m not hoping that those that got banned on the old stay banned here, just asking if you could do the IP banning or if even then it’d be a little difficult to not hit some innocent bystanders.

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If the site runs v-bulletin then yes it’s possible to ban an Ip without doing so to the wrong person