New Forum Feedback Thread

@VaultHunter101 – Checking with the team on this. cc @joekgbx

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All of which was hosted locally until about two days ago.

Can we talk about the search?

Using Chrome browser. I press control-f to normally search within a page but it seems the forums take over that function and uses its own search within a page. But it does not search for phrases, it searches for each word that I type and that does not seem very effective. Is this supposed to be how this functions?


Also I have question.

I love the latest posts view. This is where I spend my time. On the right is number of posts, number of views, and activity. Some of these numbers are colored, brown, orange, and blue. What do the colors mean? And where can I find answers to other questions I might have about things like this. Like why are some peoples names purple? There really should be a guide to this new forum.


Press control-f again.

That’s bad. Octothorpe should not be urlencoded unless it’s in a querystring.

There is a FAQ sticky here New Forum Basics: User FAQ
If there is something you think should be added, just ping JoeK with your suggestions.

And this section of the forum rules is suppose to clarify the color of Gearbox employees and forum staff. This could actually use an update @joekgbx since you made that thread before color was available

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Are you sure? Because I’ve had scripts from allowed in NoScript since the public “beta” of the new forums, and I’m pretty sure this is the only site I post to that uses discourse. (However, it could also be a side-effect of how GBX handled the migration from the test configuration to the official release.)


Good call, KJ. Will do ASAP!

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Can we get rid of the like per day limit?

Or remove it once you get Regular so that you have be trustful enough to not…do whatever the limit is there for…?

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Speaking of, I’d like to know what exactly the limit number is.

Poked around on meta.discourse and found this thread about the “likes” threshold.

Codinghorror says the limit is 30, but i feel like it’s more than that. The thread does date back to 2013.

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I think the limit gets smaller each time you hit the limit.

It took me a lot of likes to get blocked for the first time, then the next block happened quickly (30 sounds right, but it was way more on the first block)

Is there a way to include a shortcut that takes you to the next unread topic instead of the unread tab? In the long run that would save a lot of time for me.

Depending on how the server is set up they could potentially have the main boards horizontal menu available throughout all the forums or have a preset sub menu bar.

Example 1:

Example 2 from a different site I’m a member of (I’ve removed Opsec information from 2nd image)

Wouldn’t help so much. You can always go to “Unread” with g+u. I want to go to the next unread topic without opening the unread page. I had 66 unread topics this morning and needed to load the unread page 50+ times to go through everything. Adds up over the time.

Just looking at this thread has given me two suggestions:

  1. Please add some sort of pagination system, nobody will ever reach the end of the thread just by basic scrolling. Or at least, add a button to “Go to the Last post of the thread”. I don’t want to scroll through 550+ posts just to reach a reply box.

EDIT: The postnumber box does it apparently. Would be good if a tooltip could appear if the thread has an astronomical number of replies, so people are made aware of it before they scroll down the page.

  1. Add a timestamp to the latest post column on index, so there’s a better idea of when people are actually getting latest replies. Right now, it’s impossible to know when people are replying to discussions, without already knowing how the system works, or already having an idea that the latest post is at the top, which also doesn’t tell when it was posted.

EDIT: It appears a timestamp is present, but it’s not easy to see because the text is blank, which makes it quite invisible on the grey background.

Thanks :slight_smile:

See the box that says something like 549/549? Click that. That can get you to whatever post you want.


Thanks @Psychichazard, I eventually found out the stuff after I posted.

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I suppose I have another idea that makes sense: make a fluid width skin or change the existing skin to be fluid width. On my 1080p monitor, there is a lot of pointless space to the left/right of the actual content. The site would look better if it used a responsive style, or at least was set to a percentage width, not a pixel (fixed) width.

It’s set to a fixed max-width. If you reduce the size of your window pas the point where the background image no longer shows, you’ll see the post boxes start shrinking and re-wrapping the text.

If they didn’t set a max-width, you could potentially have some extremely long lines of text which are (supposedly) harder to read.

I agree it would be nice, though, if the max-width was set relative to e.g. font size using em units. I often use “zoom text only” to increase font size (so I can read the danged information) without getting bigger graphics.