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(Revolver "Revolver" "Pink Ocelot Terror Ghost" Ocelot) #954

Is there any reason the avatars on mobile are circular?

(Watcher on the wall) #955

Shhhhhh! I like them circular!

(Revolver "Revolver" "Pink Ocelot Terror Ghost" Ocelot) #956

But it's clipping at all of the edges...

(Not actually Jesus Christ) #957

The edges are evil. Be quiet. :wink:

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #958

Not really related, but what about support for simple tables? says in part:

Markdown specifies that it works seamlessly with HTML, so we do.
However, we only support a "safe" subset of HTML

There are a number of posts that would really be better off if there were even a limited version of the html table element available.

(Count Karloff) #959

Just noticed weird behavior on my threads Borderlands 2 O.T.D.H. Loot Maps
and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel O.T.D.H. loot maps.

Link list on right gets divided or is dropped to end of OP. This happen on both
Firefox and Chrome, so probably not a browser issue. Is there a remedy to this?

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #960

Not just your posts - I've seen the same thing on a number of other posts recently as well. It's almost as though something in certain posts is overflowing it' container and pushing the linked lists down as a result. Possibly something to do with the size of images? Too tired right now to go poking through, but the browser Web Developer tools might offer a clue or two.

(Count Karloff) #961

Well, strike me down. This happened to my post here also. Tested if it was something like textbox issue, and edited above post. Pictures are too narrow to cause this kind of issue, right? Anyway, they are uploaded on forum, understood that forum adjusts over sized images by default. No cookie, one link is at top, and other at bottom.

Not actually a game breaking issue, but weirdly annoying one :smile:

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #962

I'm guessing a tweak in the site CSS had an unintended consequence somewhere along the line.

(Jeff Atwood) #963

Hmm yeah looks like the culprit is

.gutter .track-link {
    padding-left: 10px;
    display: inline-block;
    overflow: hidden;

The inline-block there is causing this... not sure why. I overrode it to display: inherit for now which works better.

Forum issue: Link list dropped to end of OP
(Kwisatz Haderach) #964

Why are hyperlinks now Orange? They used to be a lighter Blue. Please change them back to Blue.

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([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #965

It seems like I don't gett notifications when I gett quoted. Happend twice today.

(Legendary Punzerker) #966

Any thought on this one @codinghorror? Missing notifications?

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #967


(Legendary Punzerker) #968

Good idea. I just double checked and I got a quote notification just a little bit ago.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #969

Nope. Non in my inbox.

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #970

Are you seeing the notifications in the menu that drops down from your Avatar (top-right of window)? Did you notification settings get accidentally changed (same place, preferences I believe)?

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #971

I've checked. There's nothing to be changed about notifications (except Desktop notifications which I can't use anyway).
Receiving likes on any post still works, but getting quoted does not.

Getting replied to without getting quoted seems to give the same result.

might have been corrected. Someone, please reply (or quote) me again to doublecheck. Replying seems to work atleast.

(Kwisatz Haderach) #972

In addition to hyperlinks now being Orange instead of Blue, I also noticed that whenever I click to view 'New' threads, there are no New threads listed even though it might say something like New (3). When I click on that, I don't see any New threads listed. Both the hyperlink color change and the issue with New threads just started today (10/28/2015). I am also pretty sure I am not receiving notifications if someone quotes me. I am however receiving a notification if I get a 'Like'.

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(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #973

That's been happening a lot. I wonder if posts in the closed Battleborn CTT forum are being counted in the "New" total, even though you wouldn't be able to see them unless you were part of that? A lot of the weirdness seems to have started just today, anyways.