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You need a separate account, but I could invite you there if you want to skip some verification…

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OK, but many of the suggested topics aren’t relevant at all, regardless of how old they are. Ugh! Still don’t see what’s wrong with sorting them in reverse chronological order though!

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Paging @JoeKGBX or @codinghorror:

Seen a few new folks on the forum recently who got caught out by this nasty bug:

Is there some setting that can be tweaked so email addresses aren’t auto-populated into the name field? That behaviour is pretty broken…

(Influencer Guy) #1130

Yea, that’s been happening for a while. @codinghorror, is there something I can do on the backend to prevent this?

(Jeff Atwood) #1131

This has nothing to do with us, though – that’s a browser feature! The browser “thinks” that field is for email and is “helpfully” auto-filling it with the email.

I’ll still look into it though.

(Jeff Atwood) #1132

I strongly suggest you guys close old topics that are really out of date and are so bad that necro’ing them is considered a violation of terms of service!

The idea is that discussions can naturally continue after a few months, or even a year – if that’s not the case for most discussions in that category, then setting the auto-close interval in the category might be a good idea…

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It wouldn’t be so bad if the suggested topics were even relevant. Often the “similarity” is no more than one or two words appearing in totally different contexts. The “suggested topics” algorithm, in short, doesn’t work here.

(Jeff Atwood) #1134

It isn’t based on relevance; it’s random within the same category. (That is, after showing your unread and new topics first, though.)

(Is this thing on?) #1135

Hmmm… Well, that sort of works, but now I understand how old topics can come up repeatedly - especially in some of the less active categories!

Getting back to the form thing, do you know which browser is doing the auto-fill? Mine is pretty well behaved - I don’t think it’s ever once suggested my email address as suitable content for a “name” field. I would like to know which browser to avoid!

(Insanity Incarnate ) #1136

My mobile devices (I use samsung s5 and iPod touch and phone) has UI issues on this site with overlays like canceling a post. Here’s an image of one o them it makes posting editing and deleting hard.

(Watcher on the wall) #1137

Hm…Possibly dumb question here.

Are you sure youre using the correct viewing format for said device? In the drop down hamburger menu (those 3 horizonal lines) there should be an option at the bottom that says either “mobile view” or “desktop view”.

Try switching between the 2 to see if anything changes/improves.

(Insanity Incarnate ) #1138

I’m using the mobile setting but desktop seems to work. It’s a very different than every other desktop version of sites.

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Where did the “Reply as linked topic” option go? Will it come back? Is there honey still for tea?

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Couldn’t find a definitive place for this. We have this new scroll bar thing on the right side and I don’t like it. Is there a way to turn it off?

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Should probably be in this thread:

And I agree, it’s annoying. Also, what happened to the “Reply as linked topic” button?

Edit: Although, having played with the thing, it is extremely USEFUL. Just ugly.

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I´m not a fan of this too, but its really usefull. As Vaulthunter said, the optic is meh…

I´ll merge this topic to the New Forum Feedback Thread now :heart: EDIT: Merge done.

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Ah, this is the thread I was looking for! I didn’t think it would be under Gearbox Talk. Thanks a lot for shuffling it into the right spot :smiley:

I agree, the functionality is fine, but it is hideous.

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Wondering if this particular thread should be pinned, along with this one?


+1 I keep hitting it by accident and it’s making me crazy.