New Forum Feedback Thread

(Is this thing on?) #1146

Just found an odd edge-case with the new slider - developer posts! The orange bounding box denoting a developer post can expand to full view width, overlapping with the scroll bar position.


(Cast Iron Chef) #1147

I don’t remember if this was brought up before, but what’s the deal with limiting the amount of likes we can give in a 24-hour period? Will the world collapse if we give too many? Is the software that incapable of handling so much love? If so, I think it needs some one-on-one time with Richard Simmons.

(Best in Funk's collection) #1148

It’s because of all my posts, isn’t it? I feel your pain.

(Creator of the Battleborn Discord) #1149

What irks me about the forum currently is any thread that has an embedded spreadsheet doesn’t open at the last spot you were at in the thread like every other thread. Instead it gets dragged to the spreadsheet and I have to find where I was in the thread so I can start reading from where I left off.

(˙pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ uǝǝq sɐɥ ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ ʃɐuosɹǝd ʎW) #1150

Which sucks in popular threads like the OP thread :smiley:

(Cast Iron Chef) #1151

No, it’s because of PH. I’ve liked that ugly bastard the most for some reason… :blconfused:


(Best in Funk's collection) #1152

You’re just trying to curry favour so you don’t get warning messages when you post recklessly. I KNOW YOUR WAYS

(Cast Iron Chef) #1153

Hush you. Don’t you have some studying to do? :dukejk:

(˙pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ uǝǝq sɐɥ ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ ʃɐuosɹǝd ʎW) #1154

(˙pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ uǝǝq sɐɥ ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ ʃɐuosɹǝd ʎW) #1155

Well nevermind then. I was going to say we need an @moderators, to get everyones attention so whoever’s on can move a thread or whatever, but apparently we already have one. Good job being all preemptive and ■■■■.

And apparently I’m the only person that’s ever used it…

(Nitpick Rank 100) #1156

Please alter the CSS of bars in polls. The shade difference is barely visible. Take a look at this (from Battleborn forums):

(Is this thing on?) #1157

Anyone else having issues with Firefox objecting to this site’s security settings? It just happened this evening, but was working earlier. I’m having to use a different browser to type this! Going to and Firefox says the site is using an outdated security thingy. It’s FF 48.0.1.

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #1158

Yes, Sir! I was blocked for about 2 hours. Strange thing really, but now out of nowhere it works again, seems the servers send out new certificate data or whatever. I´m really really bad in informatics :sweat_smile:

(Best in Funk's collection) #1159

Yep! I use a browser called Comodo Dragon and it stopped working, had to use Chrome. Let me know if / how it’s fixed!

(Is this thing on?) #1160

@Ganjamira, @hattieinduni - working for me again now. That was weird…

(Best in Funk's collection) #1161

Has anyone else been put into a curious ‘read-only’ state? It stopped me dispensing one of my rare and coveted likes, but seems to be working now (though the warning is still there).

(Watcher on the wall) #1162

This has been a thing since this forum was birthed.

It’s alright. It wont hurt ya.

(Is this thing on?) #1163

Probably the result of an update or backup going on server-side, or a bottle-neck feeding updates to the DB. Just wait it out. It’s happened to me a couple of times, at least.

(Best in Funk's collection) #1164

Birthdays?? Zomg! :birthday: Does Gearbox know my birthday?

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #1165

Saw it this morning and was really excited! I love to gratulate strange people :grin:

EDIT: Ah-HA!!! I found out why nothing shows up - now you can adjust your profile under “Preferences” to select your birthday. Then the search has some data.
If it was there before I never recognized it^^

I´m now the only one to find through this function lol