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Yeah, this has been going on for a while though, on both mobile and desktop for me - since about when poisonedbite mentioned unread notifications above I think

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@hattieinduni, would you mind taking a screenshot next time that happens and posting it here? I can see about getting it fixed. :slight_smile:

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Slightly different problem, but since you’re here: do you know why the forums login might fail to return properly from the shift login window? I had this working, it got b0rked, JoeK appeared to fix it, but now it’s b0rked again for me? When I login, I stay on the SHiFT main page instead of coming back; if I reload the forums page it still shows I’m not logged in, but clicking on the “Login” button automatically fixes that. I’m also not seeing the “Keep me logged in” checkbox option on the login prompt.

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I can definitely look into it. I’ll check in with Joe to get the rundown of what happened the last time.

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same here. when you try to login in the forums, your brought to the shift login page, and if you then go back to the forums after logging in there, you have to reclick login, and then it goes through. BUT, since we can no longer log in directly through here, we don’t have the option to check the “remember me” box, so it will save it through history clears. So every time i clear my history, I have to go through this again.

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Ok, these shots describe the situation as best I can.

If I go to the ‘Latest’ tab, it’ll say I have about 4 topics under ‘Unread’.

But sometimes, when I actually click on ‘Unread’, it’ll only show very recent posts that have been updated, so here it’s just 1.

But in a few hours, it’ll probably put all the posts I haven’t read back in my Unread tab again.

I noticed that if I scroll down the Latest tab, to reveal more posts that I haven’t finished reading, then refresh, it’ll change the number of supposedly Unread posts in my Unread tab, although they won’t appear there when I click on it.

EDIT - about an hour later, they’re all back now.

(Is this thing on?) #1253

That is weird indeed. I don’t usually use the “Latest” tab - I’m either on the default “Categories”, or I jump directly to the “Unread” or “New” tabs. (‘gu’ is a really useful keyboard short cut, to the point that I keep trying to use it on other sites!)

Anyway, maybe the issue is specifically with the way “Latest” is counted/updated?

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I still think there needs to be something to float all of your unreads to the top. Because I know now that I have quite a bit, and am morbidly curious as to what I missed.

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It’s someone that liked 25 of your posts.

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No, I mean from quite awhile back…and maybe ‘morbidly curious’ isn’t quite the word. But still…

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it’s actually two words. :nerd_face:

OT: Great Forum. Just sayin…

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Still having the login issue. Here’s what I see in the location bar after clicking on the “Login” button:

As you can see, it’s redirecting the login from to - shouldn’t one of those redirect back to the forums though?

I’ve tried clearing cache, and it makes no difference. I’m also still seeing the misplaced buttons, but only in my older version of Firefox (not the latest version);

54 AM

I’m guessing there’s some slight difference in CSS or JS handling between Firefox 48 and 56 that is accounting for this?

(Not a Lizard Person ) #1259

Thanks for the screenshots! They’re really helpful!

BTW, @hattieinduni, I’ve pinged the Discourse folks about your Unread topics issue and am just waiting on a response.

I’ll update both of you when I hear back from them!

(Is this thing on?) #1260

I have noticed some oddities on that, but it turns out to be threads I or categories I had “silenced”. @hattieinduni - if you look at the threads where your seeing uncounted posts, does the indicator show Watching, Tracking, or one of the other options? (It would be the second button below the post count slide - in my screenshot in the post just above, it’s showing Tracking.)

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On my mobile at the moment, but I’m pretty sure all my ‘unread’ posts are all Tracking.

Thanks for sending on the problem Mere!

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Someone else picked up on this but I’ll be brave enough to mention it on the open forums where a dev might see it.

It seems the swear filter is a bit overzealous right now. It’s censorsing any word that begins with c- and ends in -nt.

Makes no difference if it’s plural or how many letters. I definitely approve of forbidding the particular swearword but this method could be quite annoying if people want to say (cant), (cents), (coolant) etc.

Any way this could get changed?

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A prime example.

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #1264

@codinghorror any idea if this is from discourse itself? Or has System become sentient and wants to stop people being being able to communicate under the guise of being a language censor?

(<Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action>) #1265

Hilarious example :smile:

I guess someone used an Asterisk in the blacklist, without realizing its full potential as a nonterminal sign (e.g. blocking any and all combination of actual terminal signs with the pattern C - * - N - T). :thinking:

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pretty sure they used an asterisk instead of the U, which does happen to be directly under it.